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Chris Hanley

Seven years ago, Chris Hanley, Principal of First National Byron Bay, started the process of rebuilding his business from the inside out, refining his ideal business structure to turn it into a sustainable money making machine.

After the boom of 2007, many local agents struggled to survive with the number of sales in the Byron Bay market declining by 35%. Chris Hanley and his team however, not only managed to maintain sales levels, but grew market share to around 40% over this period.

Leadership Workshops: In our latest 2 day workshop, Chris will explain how he built his All Weather Business model to create a real estate business that is profitable under all market conditions. With 16 fully integrated modules, and two bonus sessions on Leadership & Property Management and Sales Management, it is the most comprehensive system available to get all elements of a business focused on making a healthy profit.

The 16 modules covered in the All Weather Business model include:


A successful real estate business is based on finding, recruiting and keeping good people.

If you do not get the right people the other 15 modules are irrevelant. In this module Chris will take you through his unique recruitment and coaching process. The process that focuses on finding good people. People who are strong willed and talented and people who want to be part of a powerful, alive, successful business organisation.

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Culture is the invisible element that glues an organisation together.

It is reflected in a hundred little things like how you dress, how you speak to one another and how much you know and care about each others’ lives outside work. Importantly, culture must represent the needs of everyone within the business from the juniors through to the principal, and creating an effective culture is one of the most vital roles of any leader. Chris shares his experience in creating a dynamic and enduring culture that has resulted in an exceptional level of staff retention in his agency. To build a strong resilient culture you need a plan. Chris will help you draw up your own culture plan.

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If the money side of business is not in order, all your hard work in other areas can be in vain.

n this module, Chris provides a simple structure for maintaining sound financial policies and for growing business without going into debt. The cornerstones of a successful financial structure are:

  1. Hate Debt
  2. Save, Save, Save (even when there is no money)
  3. Understand that because something is tax deductible does not mean it is profitable.

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Prospecting is one of the most important aspects of a real estate business but it is often not taught properly.

It is the tool that brings in new business month after month. Prospecting is not optional. If your company does not prospect you will starve. In this module Chris shows you why most real estate business owners do not train their staff to prospect and why you must be the exception.

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A Real Data Base

Giving prospects good quality, objective free information about the market over a period of time will eventually build trust and loyalty.

In Chris' experience, it takes about 18 months to build that trust to the point where they will call you when they want to sell their property. Chris shares valuable tips on how to make the most of database marketing.

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What matters to owners is finding an agent who listens and an agent who knows how to sell their home.

Chris has four key rules for a listing presentation:

  1. Shut up
  2. Listen
  3. Ask great questions
  4. listen some more

In this module, Chris sets out all the important elements of a successful company listing presentation.

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Do you know which words your staff use everyday in your business?

In this module Chris explains why someone in every business needs to be the keeper of the words.

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A successful company needs two marketing policies.

One marketing policy is for the company and the other marketing policy is for the properties. Chris shares his knowledge particularly about the importance of company marketing.

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People don’t do business with the brand or the wrapper on the outside, they actually do business with the salesperson that they have a relationship with.

The brand goes beyond the logo and the tagline to the bigger picture that encompasses the entire business. The words, photography, people and processes. Once a brand has been established, it should be protected to ensure it is always represented properly. In this module, Chris provides his insights into brand development and tips on how to develop a unique and powerful brand for your real estate business.

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Price Adjustment System

Chris illustrates the price adjustment process using Mahatma Gandhi’s quote "First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they attack you, then you win".

Chris and his team have developed a price adjustment system that works in all markets. Chris provides the answers to frequently asked questions on how to develop a system that will work for you.

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The real estate business can choose to work on the edge of the community or to work within its community.

First National Byron Bay and Chris Hanley play important roles within their local community. Chris will share some of his insights into embedding your business within your community.

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Providing great service is separate to selling someone’s property.

Chris defines his service model that has generated a competitively high level of repeat and referral business over the years. His advice and tips on establishing a consistently high standard of customer service throughout the entire organisation is actionable, practical and inspiring.

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Giving buyers lots of love and education is the key to converting buyers into sales, according to Chris Hanley.

In this segment, Chris shares his buyer policies which include when to call a buyer back, what to say, questions to ask and the appropriate timeframe for all this communication.

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Systems Data Technology Research

Keeping abreast of new technologies provides a key advantage for real estate businesses.

Investing in CRMs and data research provide the foundation for building long term relationships with prospects and becoming a leader in your postcode area. In this module, Chris shows how technology can be best used to turn prospects into vendors and buyers into profit.

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Training & Coaching

A company wide passion for ongoing training is a key reason for the long term success of First National Byron Bay.

Many of the staff at First National Byron Bay have been with the company for more than a decade. Chris explains why being a learning leader will foster a company wide commitment to ongoing improvement. Ongoing training is a non negotiable in all successful businesses.

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According to Chris Hanley, you are better off as a leader making decisions that are wrong than making no decisions at all.

Nobody likes working for someone who is indecisive; as a leader you have to make people want to follow you. Good leadership is pivotal to the success of a business and being able to communicate why, what and how tasks must be done is one sign of a good leader. As someone renowned as a leader in business and in the community, Chris shares his action points for building effective leadership skills.

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