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Your Selling Framework by Lee Woodward


The listing presentation is essentially the business plan or framework for selling the property. If you’ve attended The Complete Salesperson Course recently, you would know that we call this a ‘selling plan’. A selling plan is a great concept. It allows the owner to understand the role you play as their agent and the many steps involved in getting their property from listed to sold. But rather than confuse a client by giving them a list of the forty-three actions involved, the idea is to simplify the process by breaking it down into palatable chunks they can easily digest. With the Compete National Selling Plan, I have broken the entire listing process down into three clear chapters or steps. Walking the owner through the plan in this way gives them a sense of structure and confidence in you as someone who is incredibly organised and highly professional. It also stops you from overpresenting (a common mistake) and facilitates a structured chat between you and the owners as opposed to a lengthy sales spiel or lecture. The three chapters or steps in the framework are:

1. Prepare - In this first step of the listing presentation or business plan you would explain the partnership that needs to occur between you and the owner in order to prepare their property for sale, i.e. the things they need to do (such as any work that needs to be done on their property in order for it to present well) and the things you and the administrative team need to do to prepare the property for launch onto the open market.

2. Inspect - No matter whether a buyer is attracted to a property via the Internet or you contact them directly through the database, the inspection stage demands great quality information that substantiates the value of the property.

A comprehensive, glossy buyer booklet that includes quality photos, floor plans, and specifications etc. is a perfect document to hand to all buyers wishing to inspect the property.

3. Release - When people ‘sell’ a property, sometimes they feel pressured to sell it. When they release a property however, it’s their choice to let it go to a new owner for an amount of money they perceive as being a reasonable price. I’m sure you can see the big psychological difference here. It’s important to make it clear to an owner that they have the power to say no and remain the owner of the property. When they say no to an offer they essentially become the highest bidder on their own property and the other person misses out. Say the property sells for $50k over reserve at an auction. No doubt in this scenario, the owner would be jumping up and down saying, “For that amount of money, I no longer want it. It’s theirs!” And in this way they are releasing the property to that buyer. This is such a powerful concept to get across to an owner as it puts them in full control. It gives them comfort knowing you’re not out to fast-track the sale, grab your commission and go look for your next unsuspecting owners.

To help make further sense of this new modern way of presenting your listing presentation and see it in action, text NSP to 0416 906 800 for an animated walkthrough of The Complete National Selling Plan and a video of me in roleplay mode using the selling plan to conduct a listing presentation.

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