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Your complete pocket resource library, REA app

Allowing dedicated agents to profit form our business knowledge and resources.

Instead of paying a lump sum for training and professional development, The Complete Coaching Program allows you and/or as many members ofoy ur team as you require, to subscribe to REA's all-in-one membership system. With the development of the REA App - everything we know, all the gold we have collected - will now be within your reach. We will be in the palm of your hand - on your iPhone or yout iPod.

In this industry first App, Real Estate Academy members have personal access to a wealth of marketing templates, scripts, training audio learning content and more, whether you ware out on the road of in the office, we will be within reach.

Our Membership Group is not about the brand, it's about people. It's about great agents. At the Real Estate Academy we don't care what colour you represent. We care that you do a great job for the consumer and you're our boss; we want to make sure you, as the agent, are getting the professional development tools and systems you need to excel in your career.

Continuous learning - membership levels

There are different levels of membership coaching programs available to cater for your needs and budgets. The entry level App Licence is to get you started. Fot those that want to progress further, we then have three levels of Real Estate Academy coaching programs in addition to the initial App Licence.To take th enext steps in your career call the Real Estate Academy team on 1300 367 412.

App licence includes:

  • Real Estate Academy App for continuous learning
  • National Agent Referral Network
  • The Complete Real Estate Success Program
  • Real Estate Hot Topics Audio Coaching (MP3)
  • Individual Complete Data Real Estate Software Licence
  • Notification of referred applicants to
  • 10% discount to all Real Estate Academy Events


The App Licence will give you access to all our:

  • Audio snacks
  • Video snacks
  • HotoTopics audio library (MP3)
  • Letter / SMS / email templates & trails
  • Brilliant prospecting letters
  • Marketing & visuals
  • The Buyer Booklet
  • Video listing presentations

For those that want to progress further or who want to go that next level, we have three levels of Real Estate Academy coaching programs in additions to the App Licence.



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Your complete pocket resource library, REA app