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Why not me? The Listing Presentation Moment

with Stephen Cromarty Love Realty 

Stephen Cromarty from Love Realty builds listers – and that’s all they do. One of his best – Daniel – can list up to 30 properties a month. Stephen says, his listers nail listings because they think like a consumer and persuade consumers to conclude that ‘Well, we really have no alternative but to go with Love Realty’.

Stephen says, “What I want, whether it be Daniel or anyone in our organisation, is to get across that we have a structured approach that provides consistency each and every single time. Most clients, sitting in a lounge room, assume that what you're going to do is something that everyone else can do. You need to make sure that you're coming across as providing a systemised, structured approach that handles the areas of concern that a client might have. What we fail to do, whenever we're in real estate mode, is to think like a consumer” - which can be detrimental.

The top listers, Stephen believes, leave clients with a sense that their precious asset is in safe hands. He says, “You're there to project manage them through that time in their life that we take for granted as a professional because we're doing it everyday and we become numb to the client’s experiences. But, from the consumer’s perspective, this is something they might do three times. The average person might move three times, even in this day and age. They've got their first home, they've got their second home, they've got their final home. That's six transactions in their lifetime. The agents that aren't doing it right are doing a presentation around – ‘We're number one’; ‘We're in the top 50’. People aren't interested in that. We are as agents and we get caught up in that, and I implore the agents that have those titles, I think that's fantastic but if you're making that title your presentation, well then that's where the struggles will come in.”

Realising they didn’t want to fall into that trap, Stephen and his team put a lot of thought into their listing presentation and considered it from the point of view of the seller. They asked: What would a consumer be worried about? What would a consumer be concerned about? What would make them wary of selecting a real estate agent? What could we say that would allay their fears?

Once they answered those questions, Stephen and his team built a meeting agenda and a watertight systematic listing to selling approach that is tailored to each customer. He says, “You see, at Love Realty we're not presenters. We hold structured meeting agendas around what consumers need to know in order for them to feel safe making a decision to move forward.”

Substantial preparation and thinking about what the consumer needs to know enables Love Realty listers to walk into a presentation, full of confidence. Rather than feeling uncertain, they feel – well, why not me? Why wouldn’t you go with me?

Stephen says, “You need to make sure, in your level of engagement with your prospective client, that you come across as a professional, a consultant. That's what they're looking for. They're looking for guidance. They're looking for someone that can navigate them through this minefield of selecting an agent.”

He continues, “Clients are actually looking at you, they're looking for you to help them even on that level, even though we don't think they are. They're looking for someone that can help manage the sale of their greatest asset and take away the pain and the angst of making the wrong decision.”

Stephen knows how agents can easily improve their listing approaches: “Sit down and focus on building a brilliant after sales process from listed to sold. You see, when you're presenting, when you're meeting, when you have a meeting agenda, if you don't have a structured approach on how you're going to help assist that person from listed to sold, well then you're flying by the seat of your pants, and they can feel that. When you go and see a doctor, when you see an accountant, when you see a solicitor, when you sit down with someone who is there to help you through any one of those areas of your life, the very first thing they do is they start off asking some questions. They start off by working out what it is they need to provide to you with their area of expertise to best assist you.”

The mistake that people make is that, Stephen believes, “We go in and we present based on the information we think they want to hear. That information isn't connected to a program or a schedule of listed to sold. I think it's a case of sitting down, getting to know your prospective client, and then showing them how your listed to sold program is going to deliver the outcome that they're looking for.”

Following Stephen’s guidelines will mean that the focus is on the client and will also guarantee that client will more readily conclude that “Well, we must go with that agent!”


Do not proclaim...

  • I am the world’s greatest agent.
  • We are the number one agency in the area.
  • We’ve sold lots of homes for millions of dollars.

Do Convey...

  • I am the better project manager of this very important process, of selling this very important asset.
  • The client will profit by having you on board.
  • We will project manage the sale of a property which will result in you receiving premium funds in your nominated bank account.
  • Show how your structured approach from listed to sold will work.


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