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Why do some real estate businesses create fabulous profits and other song businesses do not?

It's 2am with Brian White AO

Can the franchisor play a key role?

Everyone knows that to create a successful real estate business, there has to be drive, plenty of energy and a determination to succeed. Does a good profit automatically follow?

That is not always the case. it can be a shock to sometimes see beautifully run businesses produce a return for their business owner that doesn't reward them sufficiently.

In short, does a franchisor also have a responsibility to give financial leadership and insights to its business owners to create the right profit for the effort that's been expanded?

Could it be that the most valuable part of being in a franchise group is, in face, from the leadership of specialists driving profit insights and structural recommendations to turn great businesses into highly profitable ones?

That is the purpose of the recently published Ray White Profitability Report 2015, driven by Ray White's Luke Richardson. Luke has a financial background and has made it his very own specialty to understand how remarkable profits are created and retained in real estate businesses.

The Ray White Group was the inaugral winner of the EY Family Business of the Yeat award for Australia.


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