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Welcome to the Jungle, Part one by Paul Siderovski

Excerpt from Paul's Money Series: Part one

by Paul Siderovski M.D SiDCOR Charetered Accountants

Few words have power to make heads turn and MONEY is one of them. Mention the word MONEY and people want to know what secrets, tips or information you have that can give them their next big windfall. Even today I turn when I hear a conversation about money and creating wealth, but now I have a blueprint and can distinguish between what is noise and what is opportunity!

But what does money really mean? It isn’t the actual money that we are after. What we’re really after are the feelings, the emotions we think money can create. That feeling of empowerment, of freedom, of security, of helping those we love and those in need, of having a choice and feeling alive!

But money and happiness have no correlation; freedom maybe, but not happiness. People think they need to make X amount of dollars to be happy or need to suffer a certain amount in order to achieve.

Personally, I used to achieve to be happy. Now, I am happy achieving! This was a game changer for me and when you get this you will be well on your way to mastering money. The biggest thing I have learnt is you either use money or it uses you. You either master money or on some level it masters you.

So ask yourself these questions: • How do you view money? • What does it mean for you? • What is the current state of your finances?

You can’t manage your finances if you can’t measure where you are at. You can’t reach your financial dreams unless you know precisely how much it will take to get there and where you are today.

How much control do you have over your cash flow and income? Without this there is little opportunity for wealth creation. Where do you go to create strategy? Where do you look for advice or guidance? Too often we go to the wrong person rather than someone who is successful in the very area we want to improve. Looking to someone who has not developed real wealth is a recipe for disaster and most importantly, what blueprint do you follow?

Millionaires become millionaires because they follow a blueprint – they do not reach great heights because of luck. They are truly successful because they understood and followed defined and proven principles and a blueprint for creating wealth.

If your answers to some of these questions are vague or uncertain, understand you are not alone…the majority of investors do not have an investment blueprint! They do not follow ANY plan to build wealth. Remember the statistic from the beginning of this article: 95% of investors lose money from investing! What wealth creation belief or story do you have and why? Is it a capital growth strategy or a cash flow strategy? I have what I call the investment blueprint and I want to share it with you. You can read all about Paul’s investment blueprint and the rest of his six-part series on money at


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