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Web Books are taking over the world

By Andy Brownhill, Taylor Davies & Tabetha Moreto

Web books - Real Estate Academy

At Real Estate Academy, we had no idea when we created Web Books, what a force they would become. There are currently over 400,000 live links in the Web Books community and the first property Web Book has just gone live in Los Angeles.

Agents love how Web Books make them digital, mobile and agile. Agents have become the kind of agents clients want to deal with. With one click, while sitting on the couch or at a café, on their phone or computer, clients can easily and quickly, scroll through enticing snaps of kitchens and bathrooms, contracts, floor plans, videos and audios. People can finally see what they want to see, when they want to see it. They can have a scrollable moment and fall in love with a property from the comfort of their own home.

Subsequently, Web Books have become more of a web business than a website. They change the way you do business and the way you are perceived as a business. They allow you to provide excellent information, immediately. They answer all clients’ questions so the conversation shifts to sales quickly. We recently sent out an audio podcast and a video interview to 2,000 people by text message using Web Book technology. That’s a very fast way to communicate with people powerfully.

Look at Web Books as an incredibly effective communication tool that can be used for social media, texting and emailing. It’s also extremely cost effective because you're don’t have to outlay masses amounts of money on other systems. Web Books are your complete marketing system that you control with no further expense.

Web Books are therefore, fantastic for agents who are starting out. At the beginning of your career, you're not earning a great deal of commission because you’re not representing that many people yet. You can’t afford all the big printed documents and mailbox drops.

However, if you set up a Web Books account, you can so easily text and email out information that is fantastically helpful and beautiful looking marketing materials. Web Books help you get your name out there without the massive expense of designers and printing. You can also create your own newsletter. It’s an opportunity to create a point of difference with your competitors too. If some of the agents in your area haven't kept up with technology and owners are saying, ‘Look, I think you're great, but what's your Facebook strategy?’, you can say, ‘Look at this link I'm putting on Facebook and everyone will know about your home and I'll also get you to share it. I'll put it on LinkedIn and let's get you out there across the whole universe of people on social media who may want to buy your home."

Change the way that you do business – find out more here under Technology:

1. It’s fast and easy to create a Web Book and so easy to learn how

Real estate agents are expected to have beautiful marketing. Web Books lets you do it yourself. You have the control, and you can take it to market immediately. If you list a property at 6:00 at night, you could have a Web Book out at night to potential sellers because Web Books put you in control of the process.

2. We can make them for you quickly

We are happy to help. We have a full support service and if you provide us with all the information we can do it for you. Our team are incredibly talented. Depending on availability, they're back to you within 20 minutes to half an hour. Fully trained by our team here in Australia, our partners over in the Philippines at Cloudstaff have over 35 trained people working directly, building all types of Web Books, be it for properties, proposals, submissions, or commercial real estate.

3. You can constantly update a Web Book

You can add more videos, more text, more images, and when you hit refresh, it will be live.

4. Web Books find new buyers

Consumers upload Web Books for their property onto their own personal Facebook account and announce the property is going to be available. This kind of social sharing enables an agent to get to a completely different marketplace and space.

5. Web Books work for every company

An education company called Read Write Ready purchased the product and they're using Web Books to teach parents to teach their children how to read. Royal Wolf Shipping Containers are using them to gather all their information such as videos on You Tube and photos, for their international submissions. The latest version of Web Books has a ‘make an appointment’ facility. Any business that takes bookings therefore could use Web Books.

6. What’s coming?

Soon a tab version will be available that will make Web Books able to be read in languages other than English. The real estate market is well and truly global and with Web Books being available as a link, it’s just amazing where they end up. It really is.

7. And what about people who prefer to read paper documents?

For people who prefer to read hard copies rather than scroll, a Web Book stores PDFs so a quality paper based brochure on a property in stunning graphics can be printed out for a client.

The only thing about that's important to note is a screen based printable version will never replace the stunning documents supplied by a printer. Web Books’ strength is digital, mobile, agile, but you can print it and it can be read by clients who prefer to read paper documents.  


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