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Using video to create Emotional Enagement

With Adam Moore, Stone Real Estate

Adam Moore, from Stone Real Estate in gorgeous Manly, swims with some of the biggest sharks in Australian real estate. Clark & Humel, McGrath and Cunninghams are all in his pool. But he is carving out a niche for himself with his emotionally engaging approach to video marketing.

More than ever people want to be part of a particular lifestyle. To create emotional demand for an area and a property, agents have to answer buyers' questions and appeal to their aspirations and dreams. Adam’s videos do just that. In his charming videos, he answers buyer questions while also gently and indirectly highlighting this gorgeous part of the Sydney’s Northern Beaches, making buyers want to live there too.

His videos that have created the most traction with buyers and created fantastic brand awareness are:

Is Manly Overpriced?

One of the biggest questions buyers in Adam’s area have is, 'Is Manly overpriced?'

Adam explains, "A lot of people are spending quite big money, and they worry, ‘Is the bubble going to burst? Are we paying too much, Adam?’ The idea of the video was to show buyers that compared to places like Bondi, Manly is still a lot cheaper, and it offers a very similar lifestyle. When you compare it to somewhere like New York, it’s like a half of the price. A lot of the people who live in Manly work for big multinational corporations, that’s the way they think. They travel from city to city, and I just wanted to show how it compared on a world scale. And that even though it sounds expensive for the local area, when you put it onto a world scale or compare it to some of the other premium beaches in Sydney - it is still quite good value."

2. Why don’t people leave Manly?

Another popular question from buyers is, 'Why don’t people leave Manly?' To answer this question, Adam says, “We interviewed a local family, but we also went down the road and gave a local café a plug. They were a new up-andcoming café and also the place used to be a backpackers, so we mentioned that in the video. Anyway, cut a long story short we got 40,000 views online - eight times the normal hits. The local café owner swears I’ve grown his business and won’t let me pay for food or drinks there. I hate to tell him I think it’s just his good work. We asked the local café to obviously ‘like’ and share it with their followers, and they’re not all real estate, but they are local people who are in that area. It’s good branding and awareness."

3. The Dutch electric bike giveaway

A lack of a car one day forced Adam onto a bike, which inadvertently created another unique marketing pitch. He says, “I went to a three million dollar listing presentation on a $190 Aldi women’s bike and pulled up out the front and made a joke of that with the tough, electrician type guy who thought it was quite amusing. On the way back, I said, just for fun, ‘This is Adam Moore’s property tours by bike', and I did just hold out the shaking hand on the bike showing some of my listings. I put it on and said, ‘Live Dutch style in Manly'. Anyway, it took off, people loved it. Obviously, I noticed the great hit, so I promoted it." Once the video went live, Adam was then approached by a bike company who said, 'Look, do you want to do some promotions?' Adam says, “We ran a promotion; I had three houses for sale in Fairlight - ‘Pick the sale price of the three houses individually, and the closest to the total wins the electric bike'." Again – it resonated with his market and sold the benefits of the area.

4. Market updates

This is a new approach and Adam says, “We have done a little bit of that. I’m probably going to do more of it in the future. I’m bringing out a Buyer’s Guidebook, which we might do in video form as well."

5. Testimonials

Adam shoots live auctions and makes sure that the moment of sale for the vendor is captured. He explains, the videographer, “...captures them just at the most joyful moment. The hammer’s fallen, they’re ecstatic. It’s a great time to get a live testimonial where they’re very happy and in the high of the sale."

Go and watch Adam’s videos - think about the common questions your buyers have, think about your area, what is it that makes people want to live there? Start filming – you never know what will happen!

Adam's Golden Rules

1. One and a half minutes

The video must only be a minuteand- a-half because people won't listen longer than that.

2. You don’t have to sell yourself

Give content - you'll be the expert, they'll come to you anyway. You don't have to sell yourself.

3. Lead with a question

I always try to put a question in the heading; it engages more. I always try to ask a question that people always ask me.

4. Cost of video

I've got a woman who does my production work, she's on a retainer, and it's $1,300 a month, and that gets me basically two videos a month. She lets them build up. If I don't use them in January, I'll have two I can use in the next month. It does put pressure on me to keep accountable and keep doing them. Because if I haven't done anything, what am I doing? I've got to come with an idea. If I've got two good options, we'll sometimes just do the options, but if it's in January, there might not be an option, so we've got to come up with something fun that links. It has made me commit to the process of video.

If you would like to see some of Adam's videos, please see:

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