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Use inbound SMS to generate HOT new sales leads

By Justin Cardillo

Generate legitimate inbound leads into your Real Estate practice using IntelliSMS’ Virtual SMS Number service…

According to Justin Cardillo (Sales and Marketing Manager @ IntelliSMS) and a leading mobile marketing consultant to the RE Industry, introducing inbound SMS ‘virtual numbers’ into your RE practices’ marketing range might well represent the simplest and cheapest lead generation source in the market.

Justin states “Every RE practice is looking for a unique way to drive ‘hot’ inbound buyer leads into your business. The way to achieve this is by leasing a virtual SMS number from ‘IntelliSMS’, encouraging potential buyers through your traditional marketing channels to text their name into the number and therefore register any interest they may have in the property.” The IntelliSMS system also allows you to automate a reply SMS which will be sent at any time, day or night.

The ‘IntelliSMS’ system will capture the name and the number of the person texting in to your unique SMS virtual number, thus allowing you to follow up with a phone call at a suitable time with the potential buyer.

Justin also states, “Encouraging buyers to text in to receive more information on a property or maybe to even request a copy of your suburb report can be used in conjunction with traditional outbound SMS marketing campaigns. Simply put, using inbound SMS can uncover potential buyers that are not part of your existing buyer database.”

To receive an example, simply text your name into 0416 906 800.

To discuss how to successfully use SMS virtual numbers in your Real Estate practice, please contact Justin Cardillo directly on 0468 884 606 or email for more information:  


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