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The value of self-help solutions for training

By Leesa Sinn, Education services manager, Rockend

Modern technology now provides us with instant access to knowledge and answers through a simple Google search. Our Smartphones, watches, tablets and computers have fundamentally changed the ways in which we seek knowledge. We are in the age of instant answers, turning straight to the internet when in doubt.

Arguably this can have its downfalls but for business this is making for a highly productive work environment. Business downtime has been significantly reduced through this self-help revolution, with people turning to the internet whenever they face a technological or software support question. So what are the benefits of ‘self-help’ and why should you turn to the internet to resolve your software issues?

Around the clock access to support

In this modern day and age we are constantly connected to the internet in some way, shape or form. Many products, especially technology or software related products, now have online support tools such as a knowledgebase, providing users with access to tutorials, videos, documentation and instructions 24/7/365. These platforms are driven by user feedback and frequently asked questions to ensure they provide you with the relevant tools to help resolve your issues in a timely fashion.

Time Saving

We have all picked up the phone to call an airline, electricity provider or other supplier only to be placed on hold for 20 minutes before you are even transferred to a human (or worse, a machine). This is a customer service experience we all want to avoid! One way that we’re able to avoid this is by accessing a knowledgebase or online support page. Online self-help pages can eliminate the 20 minutes of hold music and take you straight to the answers you need, when you need them. Many online help solutions are also now incorporating online chat solutions for instant problem resolution. These online resources will help you to resolve your issues quickly, reducing your businesses downtime.

Increased Resources

The common saying “you don’t know what you don’t know”, reigns true when it comes to software and technology. With constant updates and version upgrades available it can be difficult to keep up with the functionality of your software program. Easy to follow videos and instructions allow you and your team to consume content around your schedule. These free resources make for great educational tools and use of these platforms should be encouraged in your business.

Online support resources are becoming increasingly popular and they are a highly valuable tool for you and your business. See if the technology or software in your business has online support resources and discover how these can resolve your queries faster.



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Lisa Sinn