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The Next Big Thing with Andrew Reece

With Andrew Reece, Founder Inspect Real Estate

Securing your next listing has just got a whole lot easier. In a really exciting change, Inspect Real Estate has developed the Agent App. No longer, do you need to be chained to your desk – all the key functions of running your business can now be done on any mobile device.

Loads of agents have already discovered Inspect Real Estate – especially for Open For Inspections. From Melbourne to Gympie, agents have embraced the customised, agent branded, online booking system that allows prospective tenants or buyers to automatically book inspections. It empowers agents to collect data, touch base with clients and build relationships with ease. In one week alone in November 2013, 247 agents and a staggering 20,083 prospective tenants registered for or booked an inspection of a property through

Inspect Real Estate however, is not just about online bookings. It also helps to create world class Open Homes to catch buyers and future sellers. It’s a way you can find a neighbour who may want an appraisal. Every person that comes through a home, once their data is captured, can be sent a detailed Web Book on the property in a personalised email from you in an instant. You can also keep owners up to date with real time reporting by sending an instant quick report to the property owner without having to return to the office. And you can make contact with a neighbour who may be interested in an appraisal.

Never has providing outstanding information to customers been so easy. Never has delivering exceptional customer service been so easy. Never has securing your next listing been so easy.

The new Agent App includes the inspections feature plus a range of other key functions that will make running your business from a mobile device a cinch.

They include:

1. Dashboard

In one glance you can see what’s on and with whom each day of the week.


2. My Appraisals

In an instant a prospect can be sent an Appraisal Booking link, enabling hot buyers to directly book into your Agent Diary for a free property appraisal – at a time that suits them. As soon as they book in, you are sent a notification. Furthermore, you can add your email signature to the Appraisal link which will facilitate more bookings and lead to you increasing your listings.


3. Contacts

Your Buyers and Vendors contacts are available at all times, thus enabling you to send any message via email or SMS from your device to buyer / vendor / seller / investor groups. You can also link buyers together for joint communications.


4. Messages

You can easily notify buyers / sellers/ investors of price reductions, property sales, new listings without having to be at your desk.


5. Offline Mode

If your battery is low or no internet is available - it’s no problem. You can save energy by switching to offline mode and data syncs.

To take control of your day and to find out more, SMS the word ‘AgentApp’ to 0488 868 800.



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