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The Modern Marketing Strategy by Lee Woodward

As a modern agent, I believe one of the most effective ways to connect with my tribe in today’s digital world is through the use of video. Whether I am sending a property tip or a marketing solution, my videos demonstrate that I am a modern professional agent with a clear understanding of what I am doing.

I have also registered my mobile number as a website address to allow easy access to every property I have listed at any given time. When someone types into their web browser they are instantly directed to a URL containing all my Just Listed and Just Sold properties in one professional web book link. My web book also includes current market trends, client reviews, suburb profile videos and helpful advice on a myriad of topics such as, ‘Preparing Your Home For Sale’, ‘Dealing With Divorce’ and ‘Your Greatest Move’ (for those moving into a lifestyle village). As I create more articles and have access to other useful links in the future, I simply upload them onto my site, ensuring the content is always fresh and current.

I now understand the importance of Connective Marketing, such as the use of well- written letters to ‘warm up’ data before calling. I consistently send the signals to my community that I am in the business of helping people move and realise their property goals. My goal is to empower them with the right information that allows them to make informed decisions. This allows me to build a fan base of followers who are keen to profit from my knowledge. It also helps build their trust in me as the right person to sell their most important financial asset.

In order to keep building my tribe, I have decided to join and contribute to a local business networking group and reach out to my business community via LinkedIn.

I have access to a library of quality resources, which enables me to send relevant information to my tribe in accordance with my Annual Marketing Calendar. Furthermore, I always follow up anything I send to my tribe with a phone call for maximum impact.

As fellow agents move on from our industry I am quick to take the initiative to obtain and reassign their previous clients (known as Orphan Data) to me. This allows me to connect with people who would otherwise become lost in the system and forgotten. I also understand the importance of quality Buyer Management and know that the line between buyer and seller is blurred. I am constantly aware of my numbers in terms of how many buyers, sellers and investors I have in the system at all times.


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