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The first home buyer by Lee Woodward

What to say, what to send, with Lee Woodward


We need to see more properties; it doesn’t feel right! We will know the right one when we see it.


You’re being too hard on yourselves. Most people don’t get emotional in this price guide. The emotion usually happens two price brackets up from here. The property you buy now will be part of a good real estate decision and one whose value you can improve. You don’t want to realise this in 6 month’s time when the market has moved on and you have to pay $30,000 more for the same type of property, do you? This property decision will get you one step closer to a home you could get emotional about.



I think the market may keep going down and I want to wait.


I understand your thinking, but when does that end? If you wait until you think it is at the bottom of the market, it will move and you will end up paying more. You have a window of opportunity here when it is calm – take it! The only sign we will get if the market is at its lowest point is when it starts to get better. Then you will be buying when the market is already escalating and that makes it an expensive move.



We’re waiting until the property we like comes down in price.


Every property eventually sells. The majority of properties do come onto the market at a price that the owner believes is fair. Those properties are normally sold before they have an advertised price reduction because somebody made an offer and the owner accepted it. The offer is possibly below the asking price, but you won’t see it or get a chance to buy it. I suggest that if you are interested, then you should submit an offer, otherwise you will probably miss out to the person who steps forward. All homes are sold to people who act decisively.



We love this place but it’s on for more than we wanted to spend.


That’s why I think you should buy it! It will never be available at this price again!


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