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The Data Gold Mine

By Russell Taylor

CEO of Suna Communications, the Developers of iRealty

“Data is the oxygen of our business. Real Estate Rent Rolls, Tenant lists, previous transactions, and previous open for inspection books are all real estate business Gold! Data is what drives opportunity on a daily basis if we connect the dots. You need to mine the data you have and also constantly be creating streams upon which data can flow into your database.”

No truer words have been uttered than by Lee Woodward of the Real estate Academy. For the past two and a half years, the Suna Communications Pty Ltd Development Team have been researching and developing a method to further help its clients’ grow their businesses by utilizing the data they possess in their Databases.

Through the revolutionary intuitive development of a Data mining engine, Suna / iRealty have launched their (Patent pending) Subscriber Profiling tool. The intelligence which is being continually gathered from the send campaigns provide Real Estate professionals an exact science of what, where, how much and when their clients are entering into a transactional period in real estate.

Advantages are many & include:

  • The ability to show the agent and their vendors the type and price of home that the subscriber is searching to purchase
  • The ability to pinpoint where this purchase is located in a particular suburb
  • To offer you an insight to the prospect's purchase value range
  • Increased activity by a Contact within any campaign can trigger a Lead Alert to a Sales Agent alerting him/her to the heightened interest from the prospect

A Lead Alert triggered by a Contact viewing an eNewsletter campaign will deliver a link to a detailed profile of a Database Contact based on his / her browsing activity for up to three years subsequent to receiving Property eNewsletters from their Real Estate Agent - all in real time.


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Russell Taylor