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The Complete Property Management Coaching system

The COMPLETE package for anyone working in real estate.

It’s time to leverage the most significant financial asset in your business.

For too long, the Property Management sector of real estate has been largely ignored. And yet the income that can be achieved from property management make it an incredible career opportunity for the right people and a great money-spinner for the business. The time has come to discard the old view that property management plays ‘second fiddle’ to sales. With this in mind, I am thrilled to announce the launch of Australia’s most innovative real estate property management system and model – The Complete Property Management System. As a real estate professional, I invite you to be among the first to gain access to the system; one that we believe will bridge the great divide between sales and property management once and for all and unlock your potential to dramatically improve the profitability of your business.

Why now?

Over the past almost two decades that I have run The Complete Salesperson Course I have often been asked if I would consider running a similar course focused on property management. My resistance to doing so in the past was driven by two key factors. Firstly, as a specialist in sales and leadership training and systems, I felt I had not yet done the necessary groundwork and research with those at the coalface of the property management side of the business. In my view, this type of research is an essential prerequisite to developing any new system, program or workshop. And secondly, I hadn’t yet found the right calibre of trainer to represent REA in this domain. All that has now changed.

Kind regards Lee Woodward

The Solution

The light bulb moment

I have personally spent the last two years chatting with, observing and recording audio interviews with some of Australia’s most successful property managers and leaders. As part of my research, I dug deep to uncover today’s key property management challenges and opportunities. The property management advocates and high flyers I spoke to see property management not only as an important asset to their agency, but also as an integral driver of opportunity into every sector of the business. This last point was a light bulb moment for me. It was also the impetus that led me to develop a fresh, modern and systemised framework for property management that facilitates business improvement across the board – in sales, property management and workplace culture.

How the system will work

The Complete Property Management Coaching System is our brand new membership offering which sits alongside our current membership offering for sales under the overarching banner of The Complete Real Estate Success Program.

Investing in a membership to The Complete Property Management Coaching System will give you all the resources and training you need to not only drive more business into the property management arm of your business but also:

  • Induct fresh new talent into your property management team
  • Create a more collaborative workplace culture (by bridging the gap between sales and property management)
  • Drive more opportunity into sales as a flow on effect from improved property management services and practices (you need only look at the numbers Sarah and James achieved to see what’s possible)
  • Systemise your entire business (not just sales) making it an ideal part of your long-term exit strategy
  • Increase your bottom line and the value of your business as a saleable asset.

Member Inclusions

Your annual membership to The Complete Property Management Coaching System will provide you with the equivalent level of benefits you currently enjoy for sales, only specifically for property management.

Depending on your membership level, benefits include:

  • Seats to The Complete Property Management Day flagship event
  • Seats to Property Management Signature Workshops and member rates for additional attendees
  • Mobile Resource Library Licence
  • Access to online forum and Help Desk
  • Current and Future Sales Assessment and
  • Operational Capacity Assessment prepared by
  • Real Estate Academy PM Consultants
  • Member Consulting Rates for in-house training and delivery; and
  • A Playbook – an innovative, customisable resource that creates a focus on relationship management and leverages the activities of property management to engage landlords, tenants and the marketplace with your brand and service.

Contact Real Estate Academy on 1300 367 412 for more information and details on the membership programs and 2016 events.


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