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The Blue Card Call with Matthew Scafidi

With Matthew Scafidi, Noel Jones Mitcham

Selling is a strategic process that requires you to ask the right questions in a progression. One of the best qualifiers in Australia, Matthew Scafidi from Noel Jones in Mitcham, Victoria, starts his qualifying process with the most detailed client questionnaire in the country. Once he has gathered the information, he puts it on blue cards then adds it to the CRM for marketing. Matthew says, “It needs to be analogue. I don't use CRM systems in relation to prospecting; I do in relation to marketing to my database. It keeps you accountable. I don't think enough people keep themselves honestly accountable, and I know that if my trays are overflowing, well, there's some gold in there that I need to go and find and convert it into a listing file.”

Some of the most important questions to ask in real estate

Matthew says, “You can get yourself off on the wrong foot if you don't ask the questions in the right way”. Constantly fine-tuning these questions, Matthew incorporates key questions that other real estate agents have used as well. One thing he knows for sure - spell all names correctly. He says, “If you misspell a name, it sets off a path of thinking, ‘Well, they don't really know me or get me’."

1. Vendor(s) first and last names (they could differ):

2. Are he/she/they the sole owner?

3. How does he/she/they like to be addressed?

4. Collect the property address; mobile; phone; email; vendor address – you may not be at the actual sales address of the property.

Matthew says, “When we’ve got the mobile, we make sure that the number goes into our mobile so that if they call us at any time after we've spoken to them, we know exactly who's on the other end and can answer the phone, ‘Hi, Lee, how are you?’ That impresses people."

5. Who referred you to Noel Jones?

Matthew says, “This is really important because one, it demonstrates that we do get referred a lot. Also, you've then got to follow that person up and send them a Thank You and say thanks for putting us forward. And also knowing the story of the person that has referred you is going to help you when you're in that appointment as well.”

6. Have you decided to put the property on the market?

Matthew says, “This cuts through. It's simple, direct, to the point.”

7. Is there anyone else, apart from yourself that will be making the decision?

Matthew says, “You don't want to leave anybody out that's important to the transaction. If it is an estate, you need to know, well how many power of attorneys, how many siblings are there.”

8. Did you have an ideal timeframe?

Matthew says, “It's fantastic when you get a, ‘Yes, we're thinking of going to auction on the 27th of October’. You go, ‘Okay, excellent, well we've got method of sale and we've got timing now, and we've got that locked in so there's 10 minutes of our meeting we don't need to focus solely on. We can spend it on other things’."

9. Where are you off to should this offer a great result?

Matthew says, “This is a fantastic question, because it finds out whether somebody's purchased in another area already and moving out of the area. If they're not sure, it also leads you down another path of potentially being a separation so you've got to tread that a little bit lighter. If people are selling their house and they've answered the question, ‘Yes, we're definitely selling and yes, we're selling October 27th, but we're not sure where we're off to’, that's a red flag for us and we're saying, ‘Right, okay, well we've got to tread lightly here’."

10. Have you bought a property before and what did you not like about that experience?

Matthew says, “Right from the get go, you can find out whether somebody had an auction experience and it was terrible, and they never want to auction again; whether the agent didn't communicate with them properly; all those type things comes up straight away.”

11. Which other agents will you be seeing?

Matthew says, “Always assume the client will be seeing other agents. You're never in by yourself so we ask that question, and it's just asked lightly so it's not as if you're too worried about it but nine times out of ten, they'll give you that information.”

12. Are you leaning towards a particular agent?

Matthew says, “This is another good question as well because they may say, ‘Well yes, actually, John Smith from XYZ Real Estate has followed us up to the last 10 years since we bought this property’. And you say, "Right, okay, will we all be starting on the same start line or will the others be a bit handicapped next to John?"

13. What criteria will you be using to select an agent?

Matthew says, “That's really important as well because you can find out whether somebody's going to be economical, or whether they believe in good marketing. They'll also give you little tells as well. They'll say, ‘Well, we've seen the way that you do your videos and your social media and everything else and your open homes’, so you know that's going to be important to them.”

14. To allow me to prepare some comparable sales, what price range do you feel your property fits in, within a broad range?

Matthew says, this question, “…allows us to get a two-hundred thousand dollar band to see where they're sitting and whether they're up there or whether they're probably right on the money as well. Then we go into the house, because if you ask about the house first, well they'll say, ‘Well, you should be able to tell me what it's worth by now’."

15. What improvements have been made?

Matthew says, “If a vendor has put in a new kitchen, bathrooms and everything else, they are factors when you're actually doing the pricing.”

Start talking. Initiate conversations in a personal manner, and then you can move into business from there.


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