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The advantages of a fresh database with irealty marketing solutions

By Irealty Marketing Solutions

You already know your database is one of your greatest assets. However, according to recent studies, 50% of your database is obsolete within a year. Keeping your database current will have massive impacts, such as:

Expanding your audience

Email marketing allows you to reach a massive audience with minimal effort. However, creating efficient leads is more than emailing your listings to an eager crowd. You need to engage your readers with relevant content and persuade them to essentially “raise their hand” through calls-to-action. This is nearly impossible if your contact details do not reflect your clients’ current needs. A healthy, updated database will lead to better open rates, and contain the specific details you need to understand your contacts.

Understanding your contacts' needs

There is power in knowing who your contacts are, what they need, and when they need it. The more you know about your contacts, the more productive your marketing will be. As well, by keeping your database current, you will be able to predict your client’s next step. This will put you ahead of your competition when your contacts choose to make a move in the market.

Sending relevant content – Nobody likes to receive junk mail. To ensure your subscribers value your campaigns, every message must contain pertinent content for every recipient. Research shows that relevant emails will have double the clicks than non-customized content. A lack of updated information will lead to subscribers receiving irrelevant information, and losing interest in future emails. Grouping likeminded people and sending messages with mass appeal will develop trust between you and your audience.

Gaining your contacts' trust – Clients choose agents with whom they trust. Like any relationship, you need to constantly reaffirm your contacts' trust by listening to their needs, and delivering content that reflects their situation. Contacts will not trust you if you send unsolicited, generic emails.

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