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Technology designed for you John Pendergast

by John Prendergast commercial director, Rockend

Using a website or piece of technology which is difficult to navigate, learn and use is a sure way to turn you off the platform. Not only does it frustrate you as a user, but it wastes valuable business time and money. In today’s competitive technological landscape it is now more important than ever that platforms employ a well-considered User Experience Design. User Experience Design (UXD), involves enhancing or improving the accessibility, pleasure, and usability of a platform or product, resulting in a positive interaction between the software and the end user. Each product strives for a seamless experience from start to finish, and there are dedicated designers within a software development team, who specialize in this field.

UXD is something which often goes unnoticed in many technology platforms, but what are the benefits of UXD to you and your business?

Traditional software platforms often require in-person training or extensive training manuals to help get the users up to speed with the latest features. As more software platforms are turning to the cloud, the need for user training is significantly decreasing. Extensive research into the customer experience and interaction with cloud based software programs is seeing a reduced need for training on these programs. As these programs are web based, the user interactions are more frequently mimicking our interactions with websites. Many real estate businesses have seen both user and business efficiency increase by using cloud technology.

UXD has transformed many traditional processes in the wider world, making our daily lives easier. Checking in for a flight is now a two minute process via app or website, eliminating the previous long queues and airport mayhem. These new methods are saving travelers valuable time and sends the e-ticket straight to their phone for improved efficiency. Some of the pain points which were traditionally associated with airport travel have now been minimised, streamlining our daily processes.

Not only is technology becoming easier to use, thanks to UXD, but it is becoming more enjoyable to use through the gamification of technology. Many software platforms have begun the gamification processes within their technology, to attract and retain users. The world’s largest wearable technology company, Fitbit, has successfully done this through their online application. Instead of displaying user’s information in grids and tables, there are interactive maps, daily challenges and competitions between you and your Fitbit friends. The successful use of gamification within this app has seen Fitbit dominate the wearable technology market while creating an enjoyable experience for users.

The boundaries of software and technological innovation are endless and users just like you and I are shaping the future of technology through our interactions with these pieces. UXD is sure to transform many of our daily processes and business processes in ways not yet thought possible.



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