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Structure and Leverage with Sanders Property Agents

How selling real estate today is a group assignment


With Jed Wood, Shane Flanagan & Lauren Pickering, Sanders Property Agents

Now more than ever, selling real estate is a group assignment. In these new complex selling conditions, working in a structured way as a group maximises leverage, longevity and profit. An example of an outstanding team, working in a tight structure to create leverage, is Jed Wood, Shane Flanagan and Lauren Pickering from Sanders, Jannali in Sydney’s Sutherland Shire.

Working together, with clearly defined roles, this very successful team has developed a bulletproof sales process in which each member plays to their strengths to create structure and leverage.

Jed’s role is to do what he does best – list and sell houses. He is out and about, talking to people on the phone or in person, building relationships, negotiating and bringing deals together. Shane works on the buyer side of the equation. He explains, “I work alongside Jed from the moment he signs up the listing, speaking to buyers and prospective vendors in the area so Jed can spend a lot of time looking after the vendor throughout the process. I also build relationships with buyers and match them with properties to get the property sold.” Then Lauren makes sure everything happens, follows Jed and Shane’s detailed checklists and procedures and ensures compliance is met.

Together, Jed, Shane and Lauren have developed a watertight sales process, which has created an outstanding customer service experience and made working sustainable, profitable and fun.

Highlights of Jed, Shane & Lauren’s team-based approach

Conscious of how he is perceived by owners, Jed ensures he maintains regular contact with his vendors long after the Agency Agreement has been signed. This begins with tagging the keys, which he does himself. He says, “I look after tagging the keys because it's my responsibility. The owners are giving them to me and the fact that I tag them there and then instils a feeling of trust. I want to be transparent.”

The team works with many detailed checklists, all actioned through Outlook, creating trails and transparency. For example, once a property is listed for sale, Shane will go through the related checklist. He says, “It includes photo shoot documentation, brochure size, letter advertisements and the launch date for the property. We will then send out an email to the solicitors to request the contracts and have all that updated in our server."

While many important administration tasks are completed by Lauren, Jed oversees the process and maintains key points of contact with the owners to once again reinforce his role in the entire process. For example, Lauren will attend a photo shoot but Jed will often pop in to have a quick chat with the owners.

As well as creating leverage, operating as a team also ensures longevity in the industry. Working solo in the current climate, where clients must be looked after to an incredibly high degree, is almost impossible. After spending a long time time working as a solo agent, Jed now prefers to work as part of a team. When he worked on his own, he says he used to complain to his boss that his head was constantly filled with 'static'. Looking back now he says, “I wasn't sleeping properly. I was doubting myself as to what was done and what wasn't done." Since creating a team, Jed has found that not only has he created leverage, he has also acquired a much healthier state of mind.

Working as a team leaves no stone unturned. Each team member plays a critical role in the highly structured process. Together Jed, Shane and Lauren provide an outstanding experience for owners and buyers, which creates leverage, profit and longevity in the industry.


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