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Stripping back technology for effective database communication Lee Woodward

With Lee Woodward

It's a known fact that the real estate world is full of technology that people don't know how to use.

Further, some people experience high levels of frustration when using technology and are not as effective as they could be in the work they need to do. The good news is that it is possible to strip the technology back!

A database is there to serve the people who use it. Not everyone in the organisation needs every bell and whistle.

Of course, a database must have a frontend interface and a back end system. The back end system is about business administration. This holds and moves all data around, from service area, to settlement trust account, sales advice, and commission structures. If you're good with software and like technology, you use the full system.

However, if you want to strip it back to simply focus on what you need - you can.

Complete Data Essentials System is for the people who just want the information they need quickly. It has a new front end, web based technology that strips your data back for the most effective communication. The Dashboard – for example, has been cut back to just focus on the nine key areas of your business. A simple click and you will see a visible filtered list of the critical data and numbers that you need to focus on within that area of your business. The simple layout to call from gives your business a buzz.

With data in order and easily displayed, you can get on with the actual job of effective communication. You can make that call, send that email or create that text message or, even better, select the web book of a property you would like to distribute to your target audience. For simple straight text email, simply find the record, select from one of our on board templates, and send that message. Select and send is a powerful and speedy way of communicating while mobile and remote from your office.

It’s a responsive technology too. If you're on your phone it shrinks up. If you're on your screen, it expands out. But the layout displays the data you need without the need of complex navigation and software blockages.

This is a stripped back version of all you need. You can see:

  • How many people have ever been through your inspections.
  • How many people or records you have on mainstream marketing.
  • Your full list of contacts.
  • Scheduled tasks.
  • The people nominated as potential vendors.
  • How many appraisals have been completed yet have not been on the market for whatever reason.
  • Your current listings and, most importantly
  • The established clients database list.

This is a simple to use product where you can see every transaction you have ever done, buyer and seller, loaded in one system which allows you to easily make those calls and stay connected with your established client database. It reduces stress; it doesn’t create it.



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