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Steve Osborn, Identity Marketing

Postcode Book, a product of Identity Marketing, is an exciting initiative designed to solve problems faced by real estate agents Australia-wide. Commonly, agents are disrupted from income generating activities by necessary, yet time consuming data collection and report creation. Postcode Book takes this task out of the agents' hands, through a professionally designed yet affordable printed product.

To be viewed as a local area expert is highly sought after, yet not easily achieved. This status comes with hard work and facing daily challenges such as building relationships with home-owners and increasing personal market share. While this process is an important and rewarding one, it can be a prolonged exercise that can draw an agent away from their important daily activities. In creating Postcode Book, Identity Marketing took their fresh new approach to real estate and created an innovative solution for agents. A solution that is easy, fast and most importantly, individually customised. Postcode Book will take care of all the research, data collection and production involved in creating a comparative market analysis. Postcode Book allows agents to focus on the things they do best; prospect, list and SELL.

Postcode Book is a quarterly publication generated by our talented designers using completely up-todate data. Traditionally, having similar personalised material created quarterly by professional designers would be too expensive. Generating material in-house is time consuming and can lead to less than desirable results. The designers at Identity Marketing have extensive experience in the real estate industry and will produce individualised Postcode Books, each quarter, at an affordable cost. The results will exceed all expectations. In addition, each Postcode Book comes with a flash book version that can be utilised on your website, for email marketing and to share on social media.

Postcode Book can be ordered and paid for entirely online. We require the agent's details and the postcode they wish to promote. Using this data our team creates a detailed statistical report that lists all sales in the chosen postcode for the quarter including an image of each property. Postcode Book incorporates added value to their product by including individualised agent information to the detailed statistics provided. Our designers will customise the book for each agent including their image, contact information and a personalised message adhering to all branding requirements. Specialising in the real estate industry, Identity Marketing know that quick turnaround times are imperative. We provide full proofs back to the agent within seven days of order.

Quality and affordability are important to Identity Marketing. As a result we have developed an option for agents to use the back of Postcode Book as an advertising page for local businesses within their chosen postcode. The advertising page can not only assist in lowering or eliminating the cost of production, it will also provide the agent with an opportunity for building relationships in the local business community.


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Steve Osborn