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Sometimes its what you dont see by Michael Edwards

By Michael Edwards Property All Stars

As the market changes, its easy for people to focus on successful agencies and agents but a lot of their success comes from what you don’t see. It’s the systems and people in the background who are there to provide the stability as well as the platform for success. Implementation of these functions is not difficult and done in the right way can turn an average or poor performing business into amazing success very quickly.

Through my business consulting projects I am in more offices than ever before, and what works and what doesn’t are really easy to see. The strategy for success is not that difficult, yet many businesses are failing as the market changes. Here’s a few items you can work on to start with:


Everyone should know your vision and you should be proud to keep telling your story in order to move forward.

The culture is how your business will make people feel, either working with or doing business with you for the long term.


The clearer the structure the better it is when it comes to task allocation. People need to know who does what and when they are doing it.


Having clear set procedures provide clarity of how you expect tasks to be completed. It’s a tedious process, but keep it simple and complete one at a time and continually review and refine.


To have your staff engage in your business, you have to engage with them. Take some time to understand each member of your team and go deeper than just expecting staff to do their jobs, you should create incentive for all!

Should you need assistance getting your business on track for success, please give me a call on 1300 014 908.

Michael Edwards worked as an elite agent and selling principal for over 16 years before entering into the people business and starting Property All Stars Recruitment in 2015. He saw a space in the market that was not just about one off placements but an ongoing relationship to help businesses and people grow. He works closely with businesses, not just on their people, but consulting and helping business build structure, culture and compliance.



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