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SMS Improving client communications

with Melanie Gibbs Product Manager - REST Professional, Rockend

Contacting your friends or family has never been easier with the huge variety of communication channels now available, thanks to modern technology.

You could send an SMS, email or speak face to face with your loved ones over Skype, just to name a few channels. While technology has drastically impacted our personal lives it has also transformed our daily business operations. There are an array of communication tools which are used in businesses, but one which is often overlooked is the power of SMS. How can SMS improve your business procedures and client communications?


How many emails have you sent clients, only to never receive a response or for it to be lost in the world of cyberspace! It may not surprise you then, that the average response time for email is two and a half days. That is half of your working week spent waiting for replies before proceeding on with the task at hand. Compare this with the average response times of 90 seconds for SMS communications (Smart Insights, SMS Marketing Campaigns). Text messaging makes for instantaneous communication with your clients, speeding up your communication process.

Communicate with your entire client base through bulk SMS messaging. If you have an open home you can send out a mass marketing SMS to prospective buyers. Given the interaction and response statistics of SMS marketing these messages can have a huge impact on your client base and have seen positive results for many agencies.

Workplace organisation

Did you forget to send that email reminding a tenant of their routine inspection? Not to worry, SMS scheduling can take care of that for you! Create automatic reminders in your system for inspections or arrears, helping to ensure your owners or tenants are always in the loop. A simple rent reminder SMS can significantly reduce your agency’s arrears, saving you time and keeping your tenants out of strife.

The challenge for many real estate agencies is removing themself from a reactive state, into a proactive state. A high performing real estate agency is working on a proactive level at least 60% of the time, rather than a reactive, whereas generally 90% of agencies are working in a reactive state. A tool such as SMS can assist you and your business to work proactively. You are no longer waiting for a time line to complete work; you can be proactive and schedule a sequence of communications to safeguard from any foreseeable issues, such as arrears.


Many property management software programs now include SMS capability. Through this platform you can send inspection reminders to tenants, open house alerts or marketing messages to a group of potential buyers. Additionally, you can set up contacts in address books, save message templates, choose to receive replies to your email and view sophisticated reporting of everything you send. This comprehensive reporting will assist you when monitoring the success of your SMS marketing campaigns, enabling you to further modify templates or existing schedules to maximise results.

Maximising the capabilities of your software investment can have far reaching effects on the success of your business. SMS technology can significantly improve your processes and communication with clients. See how SMS Technology can benefit your business, try it today.


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