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Service First Property Group Case Study with Andre Pang and Oliver Quach

by Charlotte Norman. Content & Communications Coordinator, Rockend

I recently had the pleasure of meeting with Andre Pang and Oliver Quach from the Sydney based agency, Service First Property Group (SFPG). The business boasts an advanced relationship with technology and an innovative business model. I caught up with Andre and Oliver to learn more about their business and the role technology plays within it.

After extensive real estate experience, both Andre and Oliver decided to start their own agency. Andre discusses the prime focus of their business. “We are more of a client based service as opposed to an area based service. The reason for this is because we believe everything is done through the web these days. The days of walk-ins and window displays are over, so with that, we believe that we can service all areas through the aid of technology.”

SPFG currently has eight staff and three active members in the property management team. Given that their business has a diversified portfolio, spread across Sydney, they are constantly on the road. Having a flexible, web based property management system, and technology tools such as iPads, is important to their business. Oliver explains, “Our team use iPads to complete property inspections. While we are at the property we can schedule future appointments or organise maintenance using PropertyTree. We are constantly looking for new technology to help improve our business. Using technology to improve efficiencies within our business, it allows us to spend more time with our clients.”

Using a web based property management system has streamlined many of their business operations. Andre elaborates, “PropertyTree is visually appealing and functional but most importantly it’s accessible, anywhere. I’ve been overseas and it’s allowed me to login and access data remotely.”

“The property management team much prefer using a cloud based software, as it gives them the flexibility they want. Our team found PropertyTree incredibly user friendly. We also found the PropertyTree Knowledge Base incredibly intuitive, with an array of interactive articles to help us solve any questions. If we needed further help, we could easily contact the support team and they would help us resolve our issue in a timely manner. It’s far easier to train our staff in PropertyTree as opposed to our previous software platform,” Oliver discusses.

Switching to a cloud based software has helped Oliver and Andre grow their business. When describing PropertyTree Oliver uses these three words: “Best Industry Practice”. 

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