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Responding to Testing Questions at the open home

Frameworks by Lee Woodward

For some buyers and potential sellers, the open home may be their only point of contact with the company and with you. You are the company in the vendor’s eyes and everyone will be taking your measure. You have to be professional but you also have to reveal some grit. You must demonstrate that you are not going to be pushed around.

So while you are on display, be careful of leading questions that are asked in order to test you. Leading questions are something we use as salespeople. However, consumers can just as easily use them on us. Beware of the ‘mystery shopper‘ and be ready with your responses.

Let’s say you’re at the open and there’s a small crowd gathered around you. All of a sudden someone pipes up from across the lounge room, ‘How much do you think it will sell for?’ Instead of telling them the price, turn the question back on them by saying, ‘I believe the price guide is fair, what would you pay?’.

Somebody else may ask, ‘Why are the owners selling?’. Again, respond and finish with a leading question, ‘Well, they have no further use for the home, but how about you? Why are you moving?’.

Another question asked, could be – ‘Had any offers yet?’. And you could say, ‘That depends on what you would call an offer. Many people choose to wait until it’s too late to make an offer. The interest has been excellent. Are you interested in making an offer?’

Amber Werchon from Amber Werchon Property says, “If I think someone’s interested in purchasing a property and they comment on it being too dear, I just say to them, ‘It’s not about the price, it’s about justification. So what can I do to help you justify that price?’"

These are just a few examples, but I’m sure you can see where I’m coming from here. While you certainly don’t want to come across as aggressive, you do want to demonstrate your ability to stand your ground and act in the best interests of your client.

Whatever question is fired at you, be prepared with a professional and appropriate answer, because that person asking the question could be a future client and they may well be wondering, ‘How would she handle this if she was my agent?’.

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