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Ray Cheves, Taking the leap offshore

Data management is not the sexy end of the business and it often gets left behind. However the real estate industry trades in data. The data’s out there, but how do you consolidate it, bring it in and make it part of your game? Global companies in the business of collaboration like Triendos Outsourcing can help.

Ray Cheves and Richard Stewart from Triendos Outsourcing saw a business opportunity and ran with it. Ray had worked in real estate and Richard had a business process outsourcing background so they got together and created Triendos Outsourcing. Ray says, “We saw an opportunity here to provide a very professional service for companies. We take away the kind of work that is clogging your business up. We make it cheaper to do it and we can make it more efficient. That allows you to get on with the business of selling and servicing your clients.”

With a British management structure offering services from the Philippines with highly educated, English speakers, Ray says, “We specialise in the real estate business, so we understand the kind of information that you have, and how you want to use it, so over a period of time, we developed tools that deal specifically with the type of data that real estate companies are using. We have teams of people that are involved in data validating, checking and authenticating records that are being held in.”

Ray explains. “Databases range in size from 2,000 to 30,000. We like to get a look at the data; we like to see how they’re managing their data, because there are also so many different management systems out there, operating with varying degrees of success. So we’d like to know what people want from their data, and we’d like to know the condition it’s in. There are three distinctive stages to looking at someone’s data, so it’s a case of finding out what they want and understanding the condition of the data, and then we can give very clear estimates in terms of time scale and cost.”

Now some people may be a little reluctant to send their data overseas but Ray says, “We operate a European culture; this is British management here. So the location is really irrelevant; we’re operated on a British culture that is aligned with yours. The other thing is that you’re outsourcing to us, we control the consistency of standard and quality of service, and that’s the key really.”

Further, Ray adds, “If we were to do anything untoward with someone’s data, for us that would be commercial suicide. Secondly, for us there’s very little value in it. In terms of the protocols; if anybody transfers data it is encrypted, so in the middle, during the transfer process, nobody can do anything with it. We also have very, very strict operational protocols here. I do try and put these things in perspective and say to clients that first of all, it’s perfectly safe with us, and the reality is that hackers are not interested in it. Hackers are after pin numbers and account numbers; they’re not interested in Realtor’s data unless they want to go and try and sell a house. So in terms of protocols, we have everything in place and we do treat our clients data very seriously indeed.”

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Ray Cheves, Taking the leap offshore