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PropertySafe, Mission Control Propel your team

Keeping in full control of all maintenance jobs in any rent roll is a true necessity in today’s litigious environment, with 1 in 10 agents now claiming on their professional indemnity insurance every year (up from 1 in 2000 back in 2003), taking every step to protect your rent roll is critical.

Traditional trust systems do not provide the necessary tools for the effective capturing, management and automation of maintenance tasks to ensure nothing slips through the cracks.

Maintenance Manager by PropertySafe is the industry leading cloud based workflow communication software and is effectively your ‘Mission Control’. It acts as your Property Manager’s ‘Virtual Assistant’ to ensure more complete and professional management of every maintenance task in your portfolio and it provides your business the complete legal audit trail of every task in the event of a claim.

Lee Woodward, CEO of the Real Estate Academy commented: “It’s only so often that very unique standout ideas and products are delivered to the real estate industry and PropertySafe’s offering is certainly one of these.”

Maintenance Manager is part of the PropertySafe suite of tools to reduce the chances of successful legal claims against your business and to provide operational cost savings estimated at around $10,000 per annum for every 100 properties under management.

“Another industry first is the attractive pricing model of the Maintenance Manager solution, as after the initial low investment setup fee, there are NO ONGOING COSTS to the agency for unlimited users of the software” stated Andrew Cox, National Marketing Manager for PropertySafe. “This is a breath of fresh air for principals who are constantly being hammered with increasing prices from many providers.”

The overall concept is quite simple - capture everything from multiple devices on a simple dashboard, professionally document every task, automate reminders to Landlords, Tenants, Trades Suppliers and Strata Managers, never forget anything and create an automated complete audit trail of every job… very hip and cool!

The unique structure and one click functionality allows complex and laborious maintenance tasks that currently take between 15 - 40 minutes to do using existing old trust account software, to now be completed in under 2 minutes, with the added bonus that nothing ever slips through the cracks.

To propel your team forward, reduce risk, save time, save costs and to create a 24/7 virtual assistant for your Property Management team, call 1300 155 888 for a demo or visit

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PropertySafe, Mission Control Propel your team