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PropertySafe, Happy Times Managing Maintenance

In Property Management, which is a time poor and stressed job at the best of times, game changing applications to assist Property Managers have been reasonably infrequent.

The Maintenance Manager software by PropertySafe is, however, such a ‘game changer’ and is available now to assist you to manage all your property maintenance tasks and communications with extreme efficiency.

Imagine... managing a maintenance job which is able to be recorded, sent, quoted, approved, trade allocated, scheduled, advised, confirmed, completed and invoice received in under 2 minutes! (This normally would take between 30-45 minutes of your time). “Seeing is believing with any solution” said Phil Oakes the Managing Director of PropertySafe. Mr Oakes furthered in saying, “not only does Maintenance Manager create such amazing efficiencies, it also automatically provides and completes a comprehensive audit trail of all communications between all parties plus the Trade Verification of suppliers”.

The Maintenance Manager software is a complete communication solution to manage all maintenance jobs and effectively communicate between the Property Manager, Landlord, Tenant and Tradespeople. The system can be accessed simply via desktop, laptop, tablet, iphone or any internet connected device.

Fundamental to the functionality and ease of use of the “Maintenance Manager” platform is the automatic reminders and follow up messages sent via your choice of SMS, email (or post if required) that get sent at the intervals and frequency pre-set by the Property Manager for the whole portfolio or customised for individual Landlords.

The incredible reminder system ensures nothing is forgotten or slips through the cracks, which provides peace of mind, less stress and an exceptional risk mitigation solution for any Managing Agent.

Phil explained “Maintenance Manager is a robust, easy to use, fully mobile maintenance and risk management solution, which Property Managers simply love. The new Tenant App makes the tracking and management of Tenant generated maintenance tasks simple and easy to manage.”

PropertySafe also offers Agents an industry first, Property Safety inspection completed by specifically trained, qualified and insured inspectors.

This Inspection and Report offers Managing Agents the opportunity to significantly reduce the risk of legal claims arising from injuries to Tenants in properties they manage.

Principals and Property Managers alike love these new innovative products.

“PropertySafe provides exceptional technology, systems and support to ensure that all risk is reduced in our Property Management Business. A must for any Principal to investigate and the best part is there is $0 cost to the agency.” Damien Misso, Managing Director, Professionals Woody Point.

“It is a fantastic product, the staff are very excited” Melinda Horne PRD Kallangur.

Hard working PMs deserve a break, finally it is here now with Maintenance Manager. For more information visit

To see a ‘video demo’ of this ground breaking software solution, please visit or call 1300 155 888 to arrange for a free test drive.

  • Reduce risk
  • Save time and money
  • Fully mobile and no cost to you - SIMPLE!

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PropertySafe, Happy Times Managing Maintenance