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Powerful Real-Time Lead Generation you can count on

by iRealty Marketing Solutions

Acquiring new listings is not always easy. In fact, it can take a lot of work, and as a Real Estate Agent your business relies on maintaining a pipeline of properties to list and sell.

There are some marketing tools which can provide you with reporting on the activity of your contacts when you interact with them through email. Analytics are important, and can lead you to valuable opportunities to win listings from your database.

But to do that you need to quickly access the data from your system, and it needs to be reliable and easily understood.

Wouldn't your life be so much easier if someone could just send you potential leads directly?

We know the importance of getting leads to agents quickly and efficiently, so we developed and patented a tool which alerts you of leads in real time, directly to your email and/or phone via SMS. It's a fact that a certain percentage of your database will be moving into the market at any one time and once they decide to move, they usually do so quickly. Receiving your leads whilst on the road will offer optimum success.

Statistically, most home sellers choose the first agent they come in contact with - that can be you. With Lead Alerts, we literally hand you their contact details, giving you the opportunity to ensure you're the first to call them.

Lead alerts are a tried and tested solution that real estate agents can count on 24/7. You can breathe a little easier knowing your marketing efforts are not going to waste with missed opportunities.

Contact an iRealty Consultant today on 1300 855 982 and mention Hot Topics for a discount on the full price of your setup costs.


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