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Net Promotor scores to predict growth and customer experience by Justin Cardillo

Property Managers who successfully use Net Promotor  Scores (NPS) to predict business growth and review customer experience. 

By Justin Cardillo Intelli Messaging

What are NPS?

NPS are frequently used by businesses to review customer experiences and to help predict business growth. This International matrix provides the core measurement for customer experience programs.

The NPS Calculaton

Calculate your businesses NPS using the answer to the following key question:

“On a scale of 1 – 10 how likely is it you would refer (Insert brand name) to a friend or colleague”.

  • Not at all Likely (0)
  • Neutral (5)
  • Extremely Likely (10)

Use SMS messages to send your NPS Questionnaires

SMS communication is now the quickest and most effective form of communication you can use to send your NPS questionnaires. It is important to note here that all the unique reply SMS messages (containing each individual’s reply score)

can be associated to the relevant person / mobile phone number that the original outbound message was sent to.

Further to this each reply SMS can be then onforwarded to an email address for centralising of the collation of the replies, and then any further follow up actions required (depending upon the reply score). For example, any score less than 6 /10 may require the senior property manager to call the tenant / landlord to discuss the reason for such a low score.  


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