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Mobile SMS Surveys by Justin Cardillo

According to Justin Cardillo, Sales Manager at ‘IntellISMS’, and a leading mobile marketing consultant to the Real Estate Industry, using SMS to deliver customer satisfaction surveys is the newest innovation to their mobile marketing product offering.

Justin states that, “Feedback provided from such surveys is invaluable for all real estate practices as they allow your clients to provide you with the feedback they might not normally give. As these surveys are confidential (and the results kept private), they allow for honest and potentially negative feedback to be given which otherwise may have been avoided.”

This type of feedback can be the most valuable as it allows you to fix or address a problem which, if left unattended could ruin your brand, reputation and even your business. On the flip side, positive feedback can reinforce what you are doing well within your business and build business confidence.

Key Features of the SMS Surveys include:


  • Up to 10 questions allowed per survey
  • Back end reporting for the agents to view survey results
  • Survey results kept private and not made public
  • ‘Finish’ dates on surveys can be set
  • Surveys can be reused and resent multiple times
  • Further feedback can be delivered via email
  • Surveys can be built in a matter of minutes
  • Up to 12 surveys can be built and maintained at any one time.

For further information about using SMS surveys in your business, please contact Justin on 0468 884 606 or email


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