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Mark McGill Lee Woodward, Team Meeting Agenda

Mark McGill, the REIQ Real Estate Salesperson of the Year, shares his tips for what needs to be discussed at team meetings.

Mark is not a principal - he’s a real estate agent in the Amber Werchon group. He lists and sells because, with “the amount of volume that we had, and our service levels, it was very hard to keep up that level of service. And we had enough volume there to sustain and feed listings to a second agent.”

Mark has two people working in his team - Susan, a listing and selling agent and Carly who provides support and administration.

Mark and his team meet regularly and always follow a particular agenda. He says, “It’s taken probably six months to get to this point where we’re still finding our feet as a team. But, it’s taken a good six months to get that framework down pat and it seems to be working now.”

Current Listings

“We will discuss stock, current listings, status of listings, where negotiations are, whether we can cross sell or swap actions, next actions, improvements and communications.”

Unsigned Appraisals

“These are appraisals we’ve spoken to, ones that we know that are coming up and just actions that we can do. We discuss what to send, what to say, what we could invite them to, what we could follow them up on. We’ve got a bunch of different tools and resources that we can send them so it’s just a matter of what’s the next step and what’s their timeframe like? We have 25 properties that we’ve appraised very recently and are likely to come to the market within the next three to six months which equates to about $375,000 in commissions sitting out there not signed or exchanged.”

Upcoming Settlements

“This gives us some visibility on buyers and sellers who we’ve already done the job for and it just helps keep us in touch so we don’t forget when the settlement is coming, booking pre-settlements, arranging finance, even things like getting gifts and organising client dinners. So it just keeps them on our radar as well so we don’t forget them.”

Forthcoming Prospecting Activities

“We examine the prospecting plans that we have for the month.”

Sales and Negotiations

“We discuss where the buyer is at, where the seller is at, what we can do to move them closer to sale.”

Training Implementation and Resources

“This is where we go through any training that we’ve done or listened to recently, anything that we want to implement and any resources that we need to do for that. For example for Carly, who’s doing the administration, we need to simplify the checklist for processing a new listing, because the one that we’ve got at the moment is probably a bit too full-on, a bit too complicated, and we just want to break it down to a simpler role. So that’s an immediate resource that we need to get onto.”

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Mark McGill Lee Woodward, Team Meeting Agenda