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Buyer Management

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Managing your buyers by Lee Woodward

What to say, What to send by Lee Woodward.

Managing potential buyers of real estate is one of the most challenging aspects of our business.

Yet if they were to look truthfully at their performance, most agents do not look after buyers very well. On a scale of 10, the average agent would rate around 4. Those agents who take the time and effort to provide quality buyer service are recognisable by their success. When all is said and done, buyer management is highly beneficial inachieving the ultimate outcome, that is, creating a name for yourself as an agent with a difference.

In my many years of recording, training and listening to the greats that have appeared on Real Estate Hot Topics, I have observed an amazing fact – agents who have a genuine interest in the buying process and truly care for their buyers’ needs all operate at a higher level than those agents who just focus on the listing process and their vendors.

They key point here is this – the buyer is the seller and the seller is the buyer.

No matter what else you do; if you can just stop for one second and really grasp this one point, you will make it.

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