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Look to the future, the demographics are all in favour of SMS

By Justin Cardillo Intelli Messaging

Consider this: In the 18-24 age group close to 40% of respondents to a recent survey admitted to checking their handsets every 10 minutes compared to 9% of all respondents in the 55-64 age category.

This younger generation will grow older and mature, but we must be willing to conclude that smartphone checking will not tail off as the smart phone children grow older.

This new generation now exists who are fully equipped and served by the latest technology and expect to engage with brands almost constantly, have exceptionally high customer service expectations and are spontaneous in their purchasing decisions.

The irony exists that this generation, in marketing terms, is the most engaged and most responsive to SMS, a technology that is actually decades old!!

What is more confusing is that marketers on the whole have not fully understood this phenomenon. SMS Marketing to this day still remains overlooked and in fact is given an insufficient slice of most businesses marketing budgets.

Done correctly, consumers will swiftly opt-in to SMS Marketing, and businesses across a wide range of sectors (including the Real Estate / Property sector) will be able to push consumer traffic to their website, convert into a sale or simply increase their brand awareness.

By Mobile Marketing (via SMS) now to this generation you are successfully positioning your business to reap the rewards into the future.

SMS Marketing is, truly, the biggest missed opportunity. What’s stopping you?  


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