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Live Louder with Real Estate Hot Topics Mobile Audio Books

Hosted By Lee Woodward

The Real Estate Academy is very excited to announce a reboot of our Real Estate Hot Topics audio coaching series.

The beauty of Real Estate Hot Topics has always been the direct access the program brings to industry leaders and innovators. We have re-imagined our offering and can now deliver a blended learning system right to your phone!

Using our Web Book technology, the moment you receive a Hot Topics Mobile Audio Book direct link to your phone, you will be able to access a full training session immediately. A podcast interview, video clips, key visuals and article text – wherever you are and whenever you want.

In 2018, content will focus on outstanding achievers - people who have attained a significant moment in their career. Subjects will explain exactly how they did it: the steps they took, the flyers, the letters, the buyer booklets, the Web Books, the phone calls, the videos that got them $40,000 over reserve.

Sitting in your car or on your lounge at home with your tablet or phone, you will be able to hear from the experts, see any great property videos they have created on iconic properties and read the letters or documents that they sent to generate traction in the market. You’ll see, hear and read everything you need to implement into your own business routine.

The audio interview will be sent via text message or email depending on how you would like to receive them. As soon as you receive it, you will be able to hear, see and learn. All you have to do is simply hit play and start listening. You don't have to download it. You don't have to go to iTunes. It will just work on your computer and phone due to our behind the scenes Web Books technology.

For many years, Real Estate Hot Topics was the kick-start to many in-house training programs - now it can continue to be. It’s the perfect platform for principals to start their own in-house training sessions. Again, the link goes to everyone, and it can be distributed by Real Estate Academy or the principal to listen and watch. The power is in the hands of the receiver.

The offer

Beautiful, self-directed, interactive blended learning packages suitable to listen, read, and watch.

  • A podcast
  • Video clips
  • Live seminar.
  • Key documents
  • The text from related Hot Topics Magazine articles and interviews.

Read the actual words and see the role play. Go back, make notes, replay – all at your own pace, in your own time.



1. Basic level

Individual subscription

An individual can access any one of the programs for $29 a month or an annual fee of $350. Clients can pay up front or a monthly subscription.

a) Sales Hot Topics Audio Coaching b) Property Management c) Leadership Lounge Audio Program

2. Office Season Pass

For $49 a month an office can access the Sales, Property Management, and leadership programs.

3. Enterprise level

Where a brand would like to distribute across their entire network to 250 salespeople for example, the price is $3000 a year or $250 a month.



For anyone who decides to go ahead with Real Estate Hot Topics 2018 new mobile audio books, Real Estate Academy will send you the outstanding audio of inspirational Mat Steinwede - The Road to Number One.


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