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Lee Woodward, Open House Call Backs

Hi Mrs Smith, it’s Lee from Complete Real Estate, we met at number 5 High Street in Sydney on the weekend - the 3 bedroom home on a large block. I just wanted to give you a quick call to see if you had any further interest in the home.

  • Is there a price you would pay?
  • Would you like me to keep you informed of other homes we have coming up in the area?
  • In case I need to send you a brochure on a suitable home, where should I send it?
  • That’s a good spot, are you going to hang on to that one, or ….?
  • I can’t do it today, but at some stage
  • I’d like to offer you my opinion on the current market value to ensure you are budgeting on the right sale amount, would that be ok?

As you can see, a prospective buyer can also be your greatest prospective vendor as the majority of buyers have a property they need to sell in order to move. Buyers today are savvy operators in that they do their research. Many buyers start looking before they have listed their own home for sale so that they can gauge how much they need to make on the sale of their home.

These are solid prospects and you should take advantage of every single opportunity to connect with them. The open for inspection call back is a classic example of this.

However being honest means being upfront about what the market is saying, and this is not always what our clients want to hear.

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Lee Woodward, Open House Call Backs