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Lee Woodward, Coaching Tip Buyer Management - Working the Opens

Can I just get your postcode please?

Over the holiday break many agents took the time to re-evaluate their systems. One of the strongest listing lead sources for top performing agents is open house conversions.

After speaking with agents in different markets across the country, we identified different trends based on the volume of buyers. In Tasmania for example, there have been some strong open attendances, yet in Sydney relatively low attendances. Looking at the open conversion from a buying perspective requires a focus on how you’ll conduct your open for inspection. Dependent on volume, you may have a hostess. This is someone who takes the buyer details upon entry to the open home. A great script here is to introduce yourself and request the contact details that will allow you to contact the buyer during your office time.

“Hi. My name is Lee Woodward. Just need to take your contact name and the best daytime contact number.” Some agents prefer to ask for a mobile number to allow SMS. As you offer your name, the attended feels calm to reciprocate with their contact details. Although we would like to know their home address, it is usually inappropriate to discuss this in a public forum with other people around. However, the most important detail to obtain is their postcode.

By obtaining postcodes you have immediate knowledge of local sellers who would be the priority in a heavy day of call backs. However when calling out of area postcodes, do not make the mistake that you think they are an out of area purchaser. Many people return to an area and often own investment property in an area. We suggest you throw in a final question to all out of area call backs: “Can I ask you Peter, do you own any other properties in the area?” Response: “Yes we do Lee. We have two other investment properties plus my mother’s place.” As you can read, the postcode could eventually be Post Gold!


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