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Lee Woodward, Building your face to face presentation

An excerpt from Lee Woodward’s renowned book on scripts and dialogues

When delivering a listing presentation, break the total event into three separate stages. To make your presentation more convincing, information and ideas must be delivered in the most effective sequence possible. By breaking up the whole presentation into small sections, you can be sure to cover everything of importance within the attention span of your prospective client.

  • Stage 1 – the preparation, meaning everything before the property is advertised
  • Stage 2 – when the property is advertised
  • Stage 3 – the negotiation and closing (getting to yes).

By adopting this framework you can start to put all scripts, dialogues and letters in their place rather than taking an ad hoc approach.

The contents of a listing presentation effectively provide an owner with a business plan for their sale. Top-notch presentations focus on a potential client’s actual needs, rather than those which we might easily perceive to be their needs.

A professional presenter guides the owner towards their decision to list, through the quality of the presentation. The best way to engage the owner is to draw them into the decision-making process through a series of strategic questions, concepts and supporting visuals, which are designed to lead you to success. The questions and concepts that follow are applicable to all occasions, helping you to win the listing.

Vendor management is a critical skill in real estate sales. Do it well and you will be assured of happy clients who will refer your name to others.

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