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Lee Woodward, Another Hot Tip for your listing presentation, the Buy Sell and Assesment

When conducting a listing presentation, you require many tools and approaches to influence an owner’s decision. A great way to demonstrate your product knowledge and ability to help people move is to deliver the consultative selling technique of guiding the owners with a Buy and Sell Assessment Chart. The technique is very useful with those in a vulnerable position, such as the elderly, the divorced and anyone who is easily overwhelmed by numbers.

A Buy and Sell Assessment Chart is simply a list of all the categories required for buying and selling. For example, when selling, you specify the approximate purchase price of the property and then deduct the following items:

Agent’s fee Solicitor’s fees

This gives you the net proceeds when the property is sold for that particular price. You then do the same with purchasing, which gives you the total expenditure. This allows you to calculate the changeover figure:

Total expenditure - net proceeds = total changeover

When taking the owner through this process, be sure to start on the purchasing side first as this is their focus - their area of destination. In discussing the selling side, you can use dialogue such as:

Script: "Mr and Mrs Williams, any decent agent would charge you 3% (whatever your fee is)."

You may need to contact your local removalists to get some idea of moving costs e.g. $850 for a small home. When it comes to the bank charges, refer to the mortgage that is currently on the property.

Script: "And what’s owing to the bank on this one?" (silence after this).

You must deliver this question with absolute confidence, just as a financial advisor would discuss financial figures. Remember, you are there to help them move and they gave you their consent to assist them with the changeover information.

Please note, at no time are you to claim to be a financial advisor. You are simply providing them with the facts and figures in order to help them achieve their desired outcome of buying and selling. We would recommend that you include a disclaimer stating this fact at the bottom of your Buy and Sell Assessment Chart.

For your copy of an example Buy & Sell Chart


The buy and sell strategy is a great way to win people’s trust, as it allows you to offer help in a confusing area and gives you the opportunity to be seen not just as a typical salesperson but one that can help people move. Remember, it is not suitable for every situation, but can be very powerful with the elderly, divorced and anyone who is easily confused with figures.



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Lee Woodward, Another Hot Tip for your listing presentation, the Buy Sell and Assesment