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Leading The Pack, Toowoomba City Realty, PropertySafe

As we live in an increasingly litigious world, protecting the value of your rent roll is both an astute and essential step for Managing Agents. Injuries to tenants in properties you manage can have long reaching financial, emotional, reputational and disruptive consequences for any business.

Recognising the risk, leading Toowoomba QLD Principal, Michael Teahan (pictured) from Toowoomba City Realty, has embraced the risk mitigation solutions offered by the National firm PropertySafe. PropertySafe offers Managing Agents both risk mitigation inspections and reports of residential properties on their rent roll, to help property managers and Landlords reduce the risk of injury to tenants.

The cost effective, landlord funded inspections and reports are completed by a highly trained team of licensed builders who identify safety issues in homes and units across 16 different hazard groups, including blind cords, balcony and deck issues, trip hazards, gas leaks, glass hazards to name just some.

In addition, the report offers risk categorised recommendations to assist the Landlord and Property Managers prioritise any necessary actions or repairs to avoid injury and the potential for significant legal damages claims against both Agents and Landlords.

Mr Teahan stated, “Our business focuses on providing our Landlords with an advisory role in terms of professionally managing their property and PropertySafe complements this goal, and allows us to outsource the risk to a fully insured expert to help our staff and Landlords ensure we provide a safe environment for tenants and their guests.”

Deaths and injuries to tenants are being reported weekly and 1 in 10 Agents every year now have a PI claim finalised against them; just back in 2003 this was only 1 in 2000 agents. Property Managers are increasingly expected to be experts in all things, however they are not qualified or trained to be able to identify many safety hazards.

The PropertySafe risk mitigation solution also provides Agents a robust and free to use industry leading software platform to more efficiently manage all maintenance tasks across their portfolio.

Maintenance Manager is expected to save property management teams around 300 hours (approximately $10,000) of work annually for every 100 properties under management.

Mr Teahan furthered in commenting, “Embracing the Maintenance Manager software will provide some exceptional efficiencies in our business and provide automated reminders and follow-ups to Landlords, Tenants and Trade suppliers. It’s a simple, easy to use solution that will provide better service to our Landlords and reduce our risk.”

PropertySafe report outcomes are pre- loaded into the fully mobile Maintenance Manager software for easy actioning and capturing of automated audit trails. The software works alongside Trust systems and makes the managing of multiple tasks significantly easier and more time efficient for Property Managers.

Andrew Cox from PropertySafe said, “You rarely meet a property manager who loves doing maintenance, so we offer a simple easy to use fully mobile solution that saves time, ensures nothing is ever forgotten, tasks and reminders are automated. It provides Trades verification, one click audit trails and much more. That’s why property managers just love it, plus there is no cost to the Agency.”

For more information about the PropertySafe risk mitigation and how you can better protect your business, reduce costs, de-risk and enhance the value of your rent roll, call 1300 155 888 for a no obligation chat with our team or visit  

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Leading The Pack, Toowoomba City Realty, PropertySafe