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Keeping the pipeline flowing How to prospect for future business

By Lee Woodward, CEO Real Estate Academy

One of the greatest things about the real estate industry is that everybody is moving at some point. This is true no matter how the property market is faring. So why wouldn’t prospecting be on everyone’s daily radar? It’s the one activity that will keep the pipeline flowing in your business.

“I make it a point to regularly ask agents what prospecting they are currently doing or are planning to do in the future, and it astounds me how often I am faced with a vacant look in response,” says Lee. He believes there are two key reasons for failing to prospect on a regular basis – fear of rejection and the fact that many have never monitored what works and what doesn’t. He says, “If agents knew what worked for them, it would be on their prospecting menu. Imagine going to a restaurant and discovering there’s no menu. When the waitress asks for your order how would you know what to select if you have no idea what’s on offer? Prospecting is no different. You need a menu of proven methods that work, from which you can make a selection."

Lee’s latest book, How to Prospect for Future Business in Real Estate, provides readers with an extensive prospecting menu because it recognises that not all methods will suit all people. Drawing on Lee’s 25 plus years in the industry and the collaboration of some of the best in the business, the book gives readers a clear, practical understanding of the techniques, the approach, the words and the thinking that will help them find and connect with people who are thinking of moving. Most importantly, the book teaches them how to develop genuine long-term relationships based on trust. Lee says, “In order to build trust you have to understand that real estate is about service first and foremost. Nail that part and the sales and financial rewards will follow. Whether you’re new to the industry or a seasoned professional who has lost momentum and needs to get back on track, this book will help you achieve that."

The old way of door-knocking and cold calling is not what prospecting is about at all. Even the word ‘prospecting’ has the wrong connotations. It conjures up thoughts of nervous exchanges of unwanted information with total strangers who don’t want to hear from you, let alone get to know you. That’s why I included the words ‘future business’ in the title of this book. Future business is the truth behind what we do. Every day when you’re interacting and chatting with people, it’s about generating future business, and it never ends. The longer you are around the better and easier it will become, because people will observe you helping other people. They will get to know you as someone they can have a chat with, engage with, and do business with.

As a bonus, the book gives readers instant access, via their mobile phone, to additional educational content in the form of videos, audio, and resources that can be used on the job. This feature has become one of the unique hallmarks of a Lee Woodward book.

Text Just Calls to 0429 272 009 to receive recordings and transcripts of agents making professional prospecting calls.

Fast tracking the pathway to a career in real estate

In line with Lee’s commitment to blended learning, How to Prospect for Future Business in Real Estate is connected to a newly released self-paced training program for new recruits to the industry called, Activate. The book makes up around 70% of the program. Activate was built in response to request from principals Australia-wide. They wanted a course that would educate people of any age and background about the importance of finding new business when they start a career in real estate and teach them how to do it. Focused on generating future business, Activate takes participants through the realistic journey of a new agent, providing them with the vital skills and understanding required for successful prospecting. This ensures they are ready to hit the ground running with pipeline-generating activity from day one.

Lee says, “Prospecting for future business is the key to launching and maintaining a successful real estate sales career. It’s also the one skill that principals need and value most in their new starters. This makes Activate graduates highly sought after in the industry. After being assessed, graduates receive a Certificate of Completion. They are then connected with principals in their area who are seeking skilled, work-ready job candidates. Once hired, new recruits must complete their Certificate of Registration training, which is also offered as a self-paced digital course through Real Estate Academy. “We constantly hear about new university graduates, including medicine and law graduates, who struggle to find a job once out in the real world. With Activate, we’re offering the chance to get qualified and, most importantly, get a job that leads to a long-term fulfilling career,” says Lee.

Supported by and leading principals nationally, Activate is free to currently enrolled students to give them a taste of what a career in real estate entails and $295 for all other participants. How to Prospect for Future Business in Real Estate is also available as a standalone paperback book from the REA web store for $49 or as a downloadable e-book for $39.



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