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Is cold calling Pointless? Irealty marketing solutions

by iRealty Digital Marketing Solutions

Recently I read an article which claimed 'cold-calling should be left in the Dark Age of marketing'. It seemed a drastic statement so I decided to do a bit more research before deciding whether or not I agreed.

Working for a digital communications company, you would think my opinion would be clear, however I'm not sure it's that black and white. Many of the top agents will put their success down to hours of tenacious phone calls. But how can one expert say a marketing tactic works, and another not?

I think we can all agree on one thing - marketing needs to be as effective, yet efficient as possible. If you've decided you do your best work on the phone, make sure you're calling the right people. Ideally these calls would not be 'cold'. If you knew which of your contacts was showing interest in the market, you would have a higher chance of making a productive phone call.

But how can you tell? Digital communication can reach thousands of your contacts with just minutes of work. Our patented technology immediately alerts you when a contact is engaging with your newsletter. It's a fact that a certain percentage of your database will be moving in the market at any one time. We hand you their details. Make sure it's THEM you're calling.

Our designs are fresh, mobile friendly and personalised for your brand.

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