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Inspect Real Estate Case Study

With Joel Davis image property group

Joel Davis from Image Property Group, is a specialist in property management who currently has a little over 2500 properties under management. He loves Inspect Real Estate and sees it as an essential tool in his business.

Starting with 280 properties, Joel does not think they could have ever managed getting to over 2000 properties under management without Inspect Real Estate.

Joel likes the product because:

  • Tenants are able to immediately register for inspection times.
  • If an inspection time isn’t appropriate they can get in touch and make a time that is.
  • It notifies tenants if a property is rented prior to that inspection.
  • It automatically confirms the time an inspection has been booked and will automatically send a reminder two hours before the appointment.
  • A Web Book about the property which includes an application form for the property, if pets are accepted, if the property is water compliant and so on can be attached to confirmation emails.
  • Agencies can leverage enquiry off one property onto additional properties.

There are a number of other features of the Inspect Real Estate system that Joel utilises to help his business grow:

The App tracker

He says, “Once the tenants have applied for the property, it automatically allows us to keep them notified of what process we're at. Once we've got the rental references sent off, once we've confirmed employment, it just lets them tick the stages as we go. It keeps them informed. It lets them know we're working on it. It's a huge time saver for us, and also a very effective way of providing good communication to the tenants that are registered.”

Owner Reporting

Joel says, “It is a very, very effective tool with regards to keeping your landlords up to date with how the inspections went. You can text and email comments out immediately."

The Sales App

He adds, “The Sales App's been great. For us, we've only got a reasonably small sales team at this point in time. When people come through the open homes, the sales agent is able to notify us whether they're an investor or an occupier. Come Monday, for all of the investors that have gone through any open homes, that data is then provided to the BDMs, and the BDMs now have their chase list for Monday and Tuesday. It's just another great source of lead generation and is particularly effective given that we know that they're an investor that is about to purchase. It's the perfect client for us."

Listing Presentation

Joel says, “We show the owners exactly how we use the tenant match system. We then go through on the video. We show them exactly how you would upload that property, and then how many tenant matches you would provide for that. If we're targeting on the market clients, then one thing we'll do is we'll show them how we can actually access a tenant database of live, current enquiry, whereas another agency might not be able to. It has become a very effective tool and has been one of our best winning moments during a BDM presentation."

Joel is adamant, “I can guarantee that if you turn it on for a period of six months, you will never turn it off."

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