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Improve your business operations with Software integrations

By Charlotte Norman Communications coordinator - Rockend

Integration is a bit of a buzz word, but is there actually any value in integrating your various technologies? When it comes to your trust accounting software, integration is the key to enhancing business operations, efficiency and productivity levels.

Essentially, software integrations allow for the data exchange between multiple software programs, streamlining multiple business operations into the one. These types of integrations create dynamic and efficient workplace processes. Rockend’s CEO, Alister Maple-Brown and Head of Product, Scott Sheperd discuss the benefits of software integrations and why you and your business should be taking advantage of them.

When asked about the benefits of integrating any two pieces of software, Scott Shepherd, simply says, “The predominant benefit of integrations are the efficiency and time management functionalities. Rather than using two or three different programs for different tasks, you can combine their functionality through one product, saving time and reducing multiple or triple data entry.” Alister elaborates, “No single software provider can provide premium functionality for everything. It’s up to the software providers to integrate with other best of breed solutions to provide an effective, high quality and time saving solution.”

Rockend’s flagship property management software, REST Professional, has a variety of third party integrations. When asked which integrations have the biggest impact on Property Managers and their processes, Scott believes it is the use of an electronic document management system, such as Rockend’s fileSMART. “This system streamlines your business and helps create a paperless office, which in turn, increases your bottom line. fileSMART enables the scanning, electronic filing and fast search and retrieval of documents. A paperless office is a highly effective way to improve business processes and client communications. Documents can be located and sent to clients with just a few clicks.”

Scott also cites the vast benefits of the Microsoft Office suite integration, something that most of us probably take for granted. “Microsoft Word is the most widely used product in word processing and Outlook is the best in email. With this integration letters, receipts and invoices can be automatically merged and emailed to clients.”

Through other programs such as Microsoft Excel, key performance indicator (KPI) reports are created from your data. These often become the backbone for improving employee and operational performance. Scott explains, “KPI reports in Excel allow for detailed data reporting of employee activity; allowing for praise or intervention, when key performance figures rise or fall.” Alister elaborates, “Feedback is readily accessible, and critique is substantiated with the software’s data.”

Part of the strong value proposition of using cloud based software is their integrations. Alister explains some of the latest integrations in Rockend’s cloud based system, PropertyTree. “Last year PropertyTree saw two key integrations, one of which was MailChimp. MailChimp is an email engine which allows users to create sophisticated email marketing. The tool provides a modern look for all of your correspondence which can drastically improve a brand’s image.” PropertyTree transfers all of your data into MailChimp, ready for immediate use.

PropertyTree’s second integration is with the trail blazing cloud accounting software, Xero. This integration “seamlessly enables a holistic, innovative and revolutionary user experience between the two programs,” Alister explains. “Using other cloud based platforms creates an easily accessible and a flexible work option for you and your staff.”

Software integration is an essential aspect of a modern, effective business. The seamless software performance, combined with vast data capabilities enriches your staff and your business. Are there integrations available in your trust accounting software that you’re not taking advantage of?

Take the time to find out and see how these can help you run a superior business operation.




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