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How to Master Qualify through scripts and questions

By Lee Woodward

Whether people are looking for guidance, having trouble making a decision or not yet in a position to buy, there are times when you need to be proactive in helping them to move forward or finding out if they are indeed ready to make a decision. The following scripted comments and questions help you to qualify the intent of a potential buyer.

I suggest you buy this one!

Allow me to provide you with a ‘Purchasing Guide’.

Can you see yourself living here?

Do the property’s features suit your needs?

Is there a price that you would pay for this home?

Would you like to try and buy it?

How does this compare in value with the other homes you have seen?

What is the best home you have seen so far? Why didn’t you buy it?

If you saw the perfect property today, what would you do?

Regardless of which property you buy, are you familiar with the buying process and how it works?

Which home loan company have you chosen?

This property seems to meet all your needs, doesn’t it?

What sort of timeframe do you have in mind for re-locating?

Does a 10-week settlement period cause you any concern?

Have you selected a good real estate solicitor?

Do you have a ‘wish list’ of features that you would like in your new home?

If we list a home that we believe could come close to meeting your requirements, are you able to get some viewing time through the week?

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