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How to handle a property nomination with Lee Woodward

To sell a property, you don’t necessarily have to wait for vendors to walk in the door - you can make direct approaches to owners of desirable properties.

As an agent, it’s part of your job to activate conversations. If a client nominates properties for you, you suddenly have a compelling reason to communicate with people about the truth that someone is interested in their property. People love that they've been nominated - it makes them feel special. When you get a direct nomination, it can be an amazing breakthrough in communicating with future sellers.

Now the owner of a nominated property may say, “Yes, I'm not sure what I'd get…” and if he or she says that, you take the conversation down the potential seller path.

On the other hand, if the owner of a nominated property says, “No, no, no, we're not interested, we're fine here,” tag that response with this question: "When that day comes when you've got no further use for the property, where are you off to next?"

This question is a great tag question for anyone you're speaking to. Everyone is going somewhere next. Real estate rewards those who create opportunities.


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