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Give yourself a competitive advantage by Brett Russo

By Brett Russo Rwy White Broadbeach

The future is here - work is globalised and jobs are increasingly being offshored or automated. Real estate agencies can take advantage of the agile global job market by hiring virtual assistants (VA).


  • Data entry from the weekends, open homes
  • Repetitive tasks – loading text onto websites and loading photos
  • Diary management
  • Data mining – withdrawn listings, solds
  • Social media campaigns
  • Processing entry condition reports

Processing rental applications - chasing up rental references or confirming employment, chasing up maintenance and tradespeople.

Brett Russo is a fully licensed Real Estate Agent with Ray White Broadbeach and has discovered the benefits of outsourcing for the real estate industry. He was so impressed with the results, he started an Australian based company, Outsource Workers that specialises in providing trained virtual assistants based in the Philippines for Australian Real Estate Agencies and Agents. The company can provide trained Virtual Assistants at a cost of just $7 per hour.

Brett says, “We extensively screen and interview each virtual assistant and equip them with the necessary skills to make a real difference to your business from their first day”. He has a team of highly educated, smart, technically savvy administrative staff with excellent communication skills, based in the Philippines, ready to provide assistance. Brett believes his company is different from others working in the space, as they, “…hire VAs on a full-time basis. Not all our clients require a full-time VA; some of our VAs are servicing multiple clients. What that does is it keeps the VA’s in full-time employment, which dramatically minimises the staff turnover.”

To start with, Brett advises using Skype so you can see and hear each other. Brett says, “The VA will remotely log into your computer using some screen sharing software like TeamViewer or GoToMeeting. They can log into your computer, you can show them the task that you require three or four times. The VA can take control of your computer and demonstrate the task back to you. That's really the very best way to teach training to ensure that the VA does understand the task.”


Brett explains, “For general VAs, we charge $7 per hour including GST. There are no setup costs or recruitment costs - it's just the hourly rate regardless of how many hours are used. If a client requires outbound calling, the rate's slightly higher at $8. Some of our clients have opted to use VAs that are office-based. We also have an office in the Philippines. If a client is thinking that they might build a team of VAs, I'd probably recommend using office-based VAs so that their team are all sitting next to each other. The cost is a little bit higher at $12 an hour, including GST.”

He adds, “There are no setup costs, recruitment costs or exit fees. It's just the straight hourly rate. It's the sort of service that if it's working, people will continue to use it, but if they're not getting value, obviously they won't. There's certainly no red tape in cancelling.”

Save time and money, for a minimal outlay - take the plunge.

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