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Free at last with David Choi Homepass

Collecting data from open for inspections has always been a nightmare – but not anymore. Homepass, a product that has a lot of buzz around it, is the answer to agents prayers. Homepass is a fast and powerful piece of technology that facilitates a great customer experience and revolutionises data collection at open homes.

David Choi from Homepass says, “We constantly get feedback from agents that consumers and customers appreciate the ability to be able to turn up to an agent, being known, not have to give their details again, but more importantly they love receiving the SMS upon entry into the property and having the agents details in their phone.”

Homepass is a mobile application that works on your mobile and your tablet because thats where agents are - on the road, in the car, out of the office. David says, “Agents spend probably 80 per cent of their revenue-producing time out of the office - not in. It was unique when we created the product because we wanted to make sure that it allowed agents to exhibit natural behaviour.”

He continues, “We wanted to create a product that appealed to the market. If you look at real estate as an industry as a whole, as a consumer, there has been tremendous and really exciting innovation and development for the way that consumers both access real estate, but also engage agents. Where we saw an opportunity was to support agents with enabling technology in the market and thats when we created Homepass.”

How does it work?

Homepass will allow you to capture personal information of your prospective buyers. If that buyer has been through the property before, Homepass will remember. It will also provide you with a track record of any other properties of yours, the buyer and any the buyer has seen within your office. You can therefore have a complete understanding of the buyer before you, in an instant.

David says, “If I was engaging Lee for example, I'd start with the first name Lee - it would remember all the Lees. If I was to put in Lee’s surname, it would then recognise Lee Woodward. I'd press on Lee’s profile and check him in. Once I check Lee in, it would provide Lee with a personalised SMS saying, ‘Hi Lee, welcome to 27 Elizabeth Street. Your agent is David Choi from Blue Property Group. For property information, please click here’ and it gives your consumers a mobile brochure direct to their phone. Currently, with our partnership with, we can actually call all of the listing information as it appears online through Domain as well.”

It’s a miracle!

This means that there's no more double entry for the agent, and consumers can receive a brochure to their mobile phone instantly. David says, “Now statistically, we all know that SMSs are a good form of retaining information with your buyer. When that buyer leaves, we know statistically the buyers will tend to delete an SMS upon review, not delete an SMS upon receiving. The beauty of that is, we have the ability to be able to touch the buyer and when they leave the property, keep that SMS with them which has your details as an agent, the personalised text and the mobile brochure.”

David continues, “When we launched the Homepass system, we spent a lot of time researching the market and actually seeing what the natural behaviour was for agents. Agents ask questions first in order to gain the answer to ask the next question. With Homepass, it actually allows you to engage your buyer at a different level, asking a question so that you can learn more about your buyer, not to just ask the next question. Importantly, Homepass syncs directly with Complete Data and other CRMs. Offices are plagued with inputting data when their agents come back into the office. Homepass allows a seamless sync, so that means once they enter information into the Homepass system, by the time I've got in my car and got back to the office, that information is now being transmitted into my CRM, meaning there's no double entry but more importantly, I don't have to actually go into my CRM and enter it in order to access it. I can access it either by Homepass or through my CRM.”

Another miracle!

The open for inspection is a very powerful marketing opportunity; it is really the first presentation that agents have to nail, not just for buyers but potential vendors. The research shows that local agents do have a degree of power and vendors are inclined to work with local agents. The problem is that in the past, vendors have not been impressed with the customer service experience at opens, mainly because of poor data collection and quality of interaction. David says, “58 per cent of vendors are influenced by an agent that's local in their area and this is from the Perceptions of Real Estate 2015. What we thought was really interesting, is that only 48 per cent of those sellers called in one agent to a listing presentation, which means that the OFI and the experience is crucial and so important to the future growth of your business.”

That’s the power of Homepass – it takes away the time and burden of data collection for an agent and also gives an exceptional customer service experience at an open for inspection which paves the way for future listing and selling opportunities.

To get it:

Register at HOMEPASS.COM and press the button CLICK TO ACTIVATE - you'll receive a personalised SMS with a prompt. Fill in your information and a team member will be in touch. Don’t delay!

We saw an opportunity to support agents with enabling technology.


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