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Five technological tools for real estate professionals

By Alister Maple-Brown, Rockend CEO

Technology is increasingly becoming a more intricate part of our lives. With such an influx of new and improved gadgets and gizmos on the market, it is often difficult to decipher the useful technology from the fads. Below are some beneficial tools and technologies for professionals and businesses in the real estate industry.


1. MagicPlan

Before you pull out your tape measure and start shuffling furniture, try the Android and iOS application MagicPlan. This application is a mapping tool that allows you to create floorplans using your phone or tablet device. This time-saving solution is a great tool for real estate professionals, with its easy to use and high quality functionality. The application uses your phone or tablets camera and GPS to accurately measure the lengths and widths of rooms, then turning this data into a floorplan. This application is widely used around the globe with both Real Estate Agents, Architects and Interior Designers.

2. CO Everywhere

Successful Real Estate agents are heavily invested and integrated in their local communities, but it is often difficult for real estate agents to stay in tune with everything going on in their local communities. CO Everywhere, is an iOS mobile application that allows users to draw areas over a suburb or city to discover the hot spots, conversations and images from this area. The application syncs with Twitter and Instagram accounts providing users with a live feed of updates, community events and community trends. For those who wish to access this data via a desktop, the developers of CO Everywhere have created a web based version called Ground Signal, which offers a similar functionality to the mobile application. Utilising an application such as CO Everywhere can help you to increase your local presence and community awareness, it is also a great personal tool to find the latest gigs, bars and restaurants, for those so inclined!


3. Mobile Responsive Website

So your real estate agency has a highly functional and active website, which is proving to be a great source of lead generation for your business, but are you utilising the latest website trends and technology? Home buyers and investors are increasingly using their smart phones to access real estate information and websites. To increase your websites traffic and Google search rankings it is important your website is mobile compatible (responsive). This is now more important than ever with Google’s search algorithm (as of April 2015) which is now favouring mobile compatible websites. Stay ahead of your competition and make the most of your website investment by ensuring that your website is fully mobile compatible.


4. Apple Watch

The Apple Watch is set to be the “must have item” of 2015, and with it still in its early days of the first generation, the features, functionality and applications are already proving fruitful for the real estate industry. Aside from the watch’s unique functionality which includes, phone integration and message alerts, there are already a range Australian Real Estate applications on the market. These apps alert you to your open for inspections or auctions and provide you with easy to follow maps and directions to get you from point A to point B in the shortest time possible. The GPS capabilities will also alert you to nearby inspections and auctions in your area. These features are simplifying the real estate process for both real estate professionals and home buyers. The capabilities of the Australian apps on the market are set to increase and improve over the coming months and they are definitely something to keep an eye on.

5. Drone Photography

One new technique that has been attracting media attention is the use of drone photography and videography. Drone photography provides prospective buyers with an aerial perspective of the property, demonstrating the size of the block and where the house sits on the block. Property videos are proving far more receptive than traditional static photography, especially for premium properties with large blocks and million dollar views.

Implementing these tools and technologies into your business can help set yourself apart from your competitors. Take the time to research the latest technology on the market and determine which tools are best suited to your business.



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