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Fit for business and fit for life!

with Julie Ormston

Julie Ormston from One Agency Ormston Realty in Western Australia has recently changed her life for the better. A loyal Real Estate Academy (REA) supporter and a familiar face in the REA training rooms, Julie had two key light bulb moments that have transformed her life.

She realised that even though she owned a business, she didn’t actually have a business and she has now found a secondary business that has not only improved the quality of her life, but her financial position as well.

Julie explains, “The definition of a REAL business according to Brad Sugars, the world-famous entrepreneur is, ‘a commercial, profitable enterprise that works without me’. In other words, you can step away from the business and it continues to generate income for you. And, like so many real estate agents, as soon as we stop selling, we stop earning.”

Julie realised that she had no residual income, “ monthly or weekly cheque that keeps coming in when we are not working. So when we are ready to stop or slow down or finally retire, our income stops no matter how successful we have been, how famous we were in our area or how hard we have worked. And that’s a very scary thought for many of us! Particularly younger women who want to start a family or older agents planning for their future retirement.”

Around the same time she had this revelation, another major change occurred in Julie’s life. Julie works with her beautiful daughter, Elise. Without mentioning it to anyone, Elise started a 30-day nutritional cleanse and gave up alcohol and caffeine for 30 days through the Isagenix program.

Julie says, “I thought it was a massive scam! But Elise lost weight really quickly and seemed on such a high that I wondered what was in the supplements she was taking. To be honest I was worried about her. I gave her such a hard time - I am embarrassed about that now! Elise, in spite of me, although she was already really slim, lost over 7kg and looked lean and fit.”

Julie herself felt exhausted, she wasn’t sleeping well, not handling stress too well and feeling frumpy and very tired. So she tried the Isagenix program as well and has been completely thrilled with the results. Not only does Julie feel physically and emotionally better, she is so impressed with the products, she now markets them as well.

She says, “I’d be so happy to talk to anyone about the products. In addition to weight loss, there are products for energy and performance, as well as healthy ageing. Just about everyone I know falls into one of those categories. For me, I was interested in all four! The systems are all so simple, the products are affordable and most importantly, they work! And it is very easy to get your products paid for too!”

Julie adds, “Our whole office has been using these products for various reasons with great success. Carole is a qualified, practising Naturopath. Although initially sceptical, she is now 100% behind the products and is personally thrilled with the results she has achieved, which have far exceeded her expectations. We all feel so much more energetic, focused and calmer. It’s a much happier office. And let’s face it, we look more appealing too which helps in our competitive industry. No wonder this sometimes gets called a cult - it has definitely improved the culture in our company!”

Julie believes that there are so many similarities between the two businesses that it actually makes her an even better agent! She says, “I don’t believe it will take me long though to exceed my current income and when it does, I will reconsider my options. Imagine if more real estate agents were healthier, more energetic and better able to manage the stresses of our challenging lives? What I particularly want is to help women have more, do more and be more and this is my dream vehicle to do that! Because of my experience in both industries, I am so excited to help others reach their full potential and achieve their goals too.”

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